Father’s Day

Trying to decide what to get my husband for fathers day is not an easy task.  He is a gadget freak and must have the latest gadget. Socks and ties won’t do for him.

So I have just bought him the iPad 2 for fathers day (have been using every excuse under the sun not to purchase one before now).  Anyway – this is his 3rd iPad in less than a year.  He started off with the iPad wifi version.  Then he wanted a 3G version and of course he wanted the iPad 2 when that came out. So he has now got the new iPad 2 wifi 3G version.  (Mr Jobs – can you please not bring out a newer version until my bank balance improves!)

And I of course end up getting sloppy seconds – AGAIN.

Anyway – I wish my husband and any other fathers out there a very happy fathers day and I hope you are all spoilt rotten.

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