Teenagers and Exams

I am sure a large percentage of you have kids in school.  My 2 youngest sons are 14 and 10 and are obviously still at school.

My 10 year old is quite intelligent and is almost anal with his school work.  He is always trying to please his teachers, homework is done on time, gets mostly A’s in tests.  His teachers love him to bits and consider him very mature for his age.   So he is the exception to the rule.

My 14 year old however takes after his 2 older brothers.  He is as lazy as shit.  Does only what is required for his homework.  Has used every excuse under the sun to get out of doing chores. He does okay at school – passes with a C average with doing very little studying.

The last 2 weeks have been no exception – he has been writing exams.  He is currently in Grade 8 (high school), so he gets to go to school to write an exam and then gets to come home after the exam.  Now this may sound like a good idea – they can come home and study in a nice warm environment.  What actually happens though is that he comes home and makes a snack, goes to his room and takes his books out to study.  This is of course the last time his books are touched.

Every time I go into his room to check what he is doing, I find him playing games / watching TV / having a nap or just “chilling”.  Apparently he is taking a break as he has been studying so hard!

We of course go through the usually threats and bribes- study or else I will take your PC away / take your phone away / take your TV out of your room. However, these threats are never realized.  I am just too soft.  He bats his beautiful eyes at me and I crumble!
He gives me a big hug, tells me he loves me and we start the cycle all over again.
Do I wish he came home and studied his ass off – well yes, but a very large portion of me doesn’t want him to be any different – otherwise what excuse would there be to get all the big hugs and kisses from him!

5 thoughts on “Teenagers and Exams

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