Proud Mom

I was inspired to start my own blog a few weeks ago when I attended a workshop on social media. Not that I have much to say but I thought I would be adventurous.

Anyway, my 10 year old son approached me about a week ago. He has seen me blogging and he wants to start his own blog. My first thought was to say no. 10 Year olds should not be blogging as they do not understand the impact of voicing their opinions online. I could think of 50 reasons why he should not have his own blog.

However, a little Voice at the back of my mind said why not. I could always change the privacy settings so that only a select few would be able to read it. But I thought I would give him the opportunity first and see what he was blogging about. So him and I sat together and created his blog. We went through a few titles and we agreed that Millennium Child was a good title – he was born in the year 2000. This is the last input I have had with his blog.

He has now written 3 posts (on his own) and I am very impressed and a very proud Mom. His maturity amazes me. 

Please go and have a look at his blog at

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