One of those days

I had one of this days today. It started with a dental appointment this morning. Had to see the dentist for a check up and to have some x-rays done. Then I saw the dental hygienist for a clean and polish. This was a follow up to my last appointment 2 weeks ago where I had an infection in my gums that required some intervention.

So I got that over and done with and went to our local shopping centre to pick up my husbands chronic meds for the month.  When I got back to my new Prius,I  opened the passenger door and put everything on the seat. Then I went over to the drivers side to get in. However, I could not unlock my door. So there I was clicking my remote – lock / unlock / lock / unlock. Nothing happened, I could not unlock the door.

I then opened up the remote and released the hidden key and tried to manually unlock the door with the key – and no joy – my door would not unlock. So now I am starting to feel like a dumb blond – doesn’t even know how to unlock a car door.

My only option at the end was to get in the passenger side and climb over the centre console into the drivers seat. Well, anyone watching me must have had a really good giggle. I am not the smallest of people, not to mention rheumatoid arthritis in my hips which makes it rather difficult for me to get into certain positions.

So got back home in a foul mood. Finally figured out that something was wrong with the drivers door lock – it was stuck. I could force it open from the inside to get out and left the window open so I could get back in.

Kept myself busy for a few hours this afternoon and then eventually resigned myself to the fact that I would have to drive all the way out to Toyota to have it looked at – I cannot leave my window open forever. So I drove all the way out there, had a cappuccino while they fixed it.

It dawned on me that my new car had something wrong with it today – do you think that if I asked for a new one (in terms of our new consumer protection act), they would have given me a new one – theoretically I would have been entitled to do this – would have made for an interesting argument!

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