I was contacted by Rocco from Neotel at the beginning on June this year.  For those of you who don’t know who Neotel is – they are the second fixed line operator in South Africa offering telecommunication and data services.  Anyway – Rocco wanted to set up an appointment to see us at our offices to discuss taking over our voice & data services from Telkom.

Now this is not the first call we have had from Neotel – we have had 2 previous meetings set up over the the last 18 months and the Neotel representatives did not pitch to either meeting.  I explained to Rocco that I was not prepared to do business with Neotel based on past experience – if they couldn’t be bothered to attend meetings, then I had no faith in their service.  Rocco explained that there had been some changes at Neotel and could I please give them one more chance. I explained that it was pointless meeting with us anyway as Neotel could not get their signal to us.  He insisted they could….

So I went along and filled in the account applications forms.  I did query why I was opening up an account if there was no guarantee that they could get their signal here but apaprently you have to open up an account first and if you are “approved”, they then send out their installation team who test the signal before they install.   I have nothing to lose as they were offereing a better broadband speed than I am currently getting for around the same price. 

They finally sent their installation team this morning to do the install – and guess what – they cannot get a signal here!  So it was all a total waste of my time.  I should have stuck to my guns and not given them the time of day in the first place!

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