Thorn amongst the roses

I am the only thorn amongst the roses and over the years I have become accustomed to being the odd one out.  I have learnt to endure the conversations relating to body parts and bodily functions.  I thought I would mention some of this weeks conversations which have included such topics as:

Son no 3 referring to “Bob & Steve (& Bob always comes first as he is slightly bigger)” when referring to his you know whats.  Bob & Steve have almost become son no 5 & 6 as they are mentioned so much.

“Sparrows Fart” – My husband mentioned at breakfast one morning that he would be leaving at Sparrows Fart the next morning for a breakfast meeting.  Of course this started the obligatory giggles from Son no 3 & 4 who then proceeded to make the appropriate noises relating to farting, snoring, snoring whilst farting, farting whilst snoring, farting as you wake up, farting and tweeting.  This went on for around 30 minutes.

Son no 3 telling us that he is “Abtastic” – and this while flexing his muscles and looking in the mirror in the lounge (or wannabe muscles as the case may be!)

I have also become a connoisseur of SyFy films and TV Series.  (Although I must admit I have put my foot down when it is suggested that we watch the Alien Trilogy again.)  Anything with aliens, vampires and zombies is popular with the current TV Series called “Death Valley” being flavour of the day.  This is about cops killing zombies – no real story line – just cops taking out their weapons and shooting them in the head.

Sometimes I wish I was a zombie!

(Image from – The Walking Dead)

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