Non Memorable week

Time for another post.  Nothing memorable has happened in the last week or so but thought I would ramble on anyway… 

Saw a man on my street corner on Tuesday morning whilst on the school run – he was just standing there with a crowbar.  Thought this looked odd – normal people don’t walk around with crowbars.  So I decided to call it in to 10111.

A lady answered the call – did not understand English very well.  I told her I saw a man on the street corner with a crowbar and I thought it looked suspicious.  She did not know what the word “suspicious” meant and asked me to explain – I tried but she still did not get the meaning – she then asked me to hold while she asked someone else.  I realised I was wasting my time and put the phone down. 

I called my other half who was still at home and asked him to go onto our community association website and look up who their emergency contact was and then to please call them.  He called the number and got through to a police vehicle in our neighbourhood.  When I returned back from the school run about 20 minutes later – I noticed at least 3 police vehicles patrolling in my area – so I was very impressed with the service received from our local police.  Pity about the service from the 10111 number – I would hate to call in an actual emergency!

Went to a women’s networking dinner on Tuesday evening – a whole bunch of women get together once a month at a restaurant and network – swap business cards etc.  Also get loads of give-aways from some of the companies. 

Business has still been slow but there is a definite improvement on the number of calls we are getting so hopefully business will pick up and we can start making some money again.  Been a seriously shit year for business.  Have 3 possible events happening over the November / December period – hoping at least one of them will confirm.  Pity we can only do one of them as they are in different cities – Joburg, Durban or Abu Dhabi.  So let’s hold thumbs.

Otherwise we are doing an event for the Tambo Foundation later in October and an event for the 15th Anniversary of the signing of the SA Constitution later in the year at Constitution Hill.  Usually we would stay away from these types of events as they are far smaller than what we would usually handle, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Son no 3 decided to do some hardware upgrades on his PC – meant he was unable to play games on it for a day whilst new games / drivers etc etc downloaded.  After twiddling his thumbs for most of the day, he suddenly twigged that he could play X-Box.  So the X-box has made a comeback in the house with my 2 boys once again spending time in the TV room – been months since this room was used.

Boys went to the Rage Expo this morning – came back an hour later very disappointed – this exhibition seems to get worse and worse each year. 

I was toying with going to SEXPO tomorrow – will see how I feel then.  The problem is that if you go too early, there is no atmosphere and if you go later on, it is too busy.  Decisions, decisions!

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