Odds and ends

Last 2 weeks has had me busy with odds and ends.  Have had no time to think about blogging or anything else for that matter.  So I have forced myself to put a few words down tonight. 

I had the opportunity of going to my sons annual school “NICHT” event, held at one of the private schools in Joburg last week.  No offence to the school itself, but it was one of the worst shows I have ever been to.  It was supposed to be a “laser” show.  Not sure if you can call a laser just arbitrarily being waved around a “Show”.  Laser shows work best when the patterns or images are reflected or bounced off of a surface or smoke is used to enhance the beams – there was not any particular surface which the lasers were aimed at.  If the beams hit the trees or roofs of the surrounding buildings, it was pure coincidence.  Regardless of the Laser show itself, I think all parents and students had a pleasant evening (even though it was quite cold).  It was well attended and well organised. 

Son no 3 had today off from school – not sure why – Jewish holiday or something like that.  Anyway he and a few others from his class had to prep for a drama practical – they are writing scripts and filming etc.  So I got suckered into playing Mom’s Taxi – started off with dropping him off at school for 9.30am – they had to film a short scene there which would take around 30 minutes.  I anticipated it taking a little longer so went shopping until I received the obligatory SMS informing me they were finished – got the SMS 2 hours later.  I then had to cart the 7 of them to one of the students homes for the rest of the filming session and of course had to collect some of them later and drop them off at their homes.  My son clearly forgot I work for a living!

Bought 3 dresses whilst shopping – was looking for a LBD for an event later this month.  Ended up taking all 3 as I could not make my mind up (Guess the 2 hours were not a total waste of time).  Tried them all on for hubby and he likes all 3 – so not sure which one I will wear.  May have to have a dress up session with my daughter-in-law and see what she thinks.

Otherwise I am looking forward to the weekend and putting my feet up – and perhaps even an afternoon sleep on Saturday!

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