Jingle Bells

Well It’s almost Christmas.  And how do I know that – well….  

We live down a panhandle and the chap who normally delivers our weekly local newspaper has lowered himself to walk down the driveway and actually deliver the paper to my gate and not leave it at the top of the drive-way to get blown all over the place.  He is sucking up for his annual bonus!
Now each year we have a conversation with him about delivering the paper to the right place and each year he promises to walk down the driveway.  But we all know he will only do this in the months of November, December and January.
Son no 2 has his last official day of classes tomorrow.  He is then on study leave and then starts writing exams for 2 weeks.  Son no 3 writes all his exams in 1 week – all 10 subjects.  He finishes his exams on the 18th of November.  God only knows what the kids are supposed to do at school between the 18th November and the 9th of December when schools close for the year.  We have to put up with demotivated children who don’t want to go to school because they are so bored.  The teachers do find things for them to do such as school plays, sports events etc, but once they have written exams, they switch off and want to go on holiday.  For them the year is done.
It is going to be a strange Christmas this year.  I am normally surrounded by my 4 sons.  But this year I will have Son no 2 in Dubai and Son no 1 is working for a company who does not get time off over the Christmas season.  I am looking forward to the time off but I know I will miss my sons terribly.
Skyping just isn’t the same thing!

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