For those of you who don’t know what S.M.A.O. stands for – it stands for Sweating My Ass Off.  Which is all I’ve done for the last 2 weeks (Although I must admit the last 2 days have been cooler).  Now hubby has this big grin on his face and insists I am in the early stages of “The Change”. Well…..

To those of you who had the same thought!  I’m not and I am far too young!

But seriously – it has been very hot in Joburg – and not the usual dry heat that we are accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong – I love the heat, but less humidity would be great.  I hate the cold so I am very grateful summer is here once again.  I also hate the rain.  I don’t mind a little rain – but the last few summers in Joburg have been very wet.  We spent most of the last Christmas holiday season indoors because it rained so much.

Summer also brings out the best in us – I love watching the kids playing in the pool and running around outside.  We try to all have a swim late afternoon everyday once the phone stops ringing and I feel I have done a days’ work.  My garden looks wonderful.  The cats are lolling in the grass, our dog is howling at the Ha-de-dah’s and he even occasionally lowers himself to get up and chase them.

Life is just wonderful!

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