Spoilt Rotten

Just had another present – Hubby bought me “Cherries” from Thomas Sabo.  The Cherries represent my blog. 

To quote the following website: http://www.wolfbros.co.za/our-jewellery/thomas-sabo-jewellery – “THOMAS SABO has helped the ancient tradition of the charm bracelet make a huge comeback. As a lucky charm, souvenir, attractive accessory and a particularly wonderful gift idea, the charms enchant all wearers in their own special way. Charms are personal altars to secret passions and obsessions. Romance and infatuations, happiness and success, moments and insights – the charms lend shape to the story of your life.”  I thought this was a wonderful description of what Charms represent.

I am so excited and cannot wait to wear it!

Click here to view more about the Thomas Sabo collection of Charms.

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