Kommin Krismis

I have been blogging for around 6 months now.  It is not something that comes naturally to me – I am a very private / reserved person and it is difficult putting my thoughts and life down in a public forum.  But I do find it somewhat therapeutic and have found that it is a huge stress reliever.  One of the most difficult things about blogging, is finding things to blog about.  So I do a huge amount of research and reading of other peoples blog’s – to get general ideas, tips and tricks etc.

One of the blogs I read often and thoroughly enjoy is by a woman who lives in Cape Town – she blogs about her life and dealing with 3 children – A typical “Mom’s” blog.  She is very entertaining though so please have a look at her blog: http://reluctantmom.wordpress.com/

Anyway – in her recent posts – she has told us about how she spends Christmas – instead of the traditional Christmas lunch – they have what is called Kommin Krismis (or Common Christmas for those who are not familiar with the South African Dialect).

She describes this as being a get together of family and friends on Christmas day – but with a twist.  Kommin Krismas consists of a bring your own braai.  They use paper plates, plasticwear, paper cups, wine in a box etc (not a turkey in sight).  They all dress up as commoners – complete with tramp stamps, curlers in hair, men in sweaty, sleevless vests etc.  Gifts are cheap and chearful and they have made a pact to use their gifts for at least 3 months before throwing them away.

I am posting 2 links below – the first link is her telling us about what they are going to do and describing Kommin Krismis.  The second link is her telling us about the day – with pics.

This is not something my family would appreciate, but I thought it a novel idea…

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