To Hollywood or not – that is the question

This post will probably be considered as “too much information” by most of you – but what is the point of blogging unless you raise the odd eyebrow or get a WTF comment from a few people.
I know I have said this before, but just to remind you all – I have 4 sons. This has had a huge impact on how the last 24 years of my life have been shaped. There are certain things that are not appreciated in my home – things like plants, flowers, anything floral, table cloths, doileys (I must admit I agree with this one), little ornaments, anything pink, tea cups, curtain tie-backs, nail polish, pantyhose, high heels, etc etc.
So when my eldest son started getting serious with his girldfriend (who is now his wife), I welcomed her with open arms – finally there was someone I could have a girlie conversation with. Finally I had someone I could talk to about hair and make-up and all things pretty. Finally I had someone I could go shopping with.

My daughter-in-law has changed my life somewhat. She has encouraged me to be a little more feminine and encouraged me to try new things. She has her hair done regularly, she has gorgeous nails and she has anything and everything waxed. So shortly before their wedding 2 years ago, she egged me on to have my girlie parts waxed.

Finally I found the courage to say yes – I go to see my Gynae once a year and it certainly cannot be as embarrassing as that. So I went with her one morning and thought I would try a “Brazilian” (or maybe you know it as a “landing strip”). For those of you who don’t know what this is – it is the waxing of ones girlie parts so that just a strip of hair is left.

Because I was going, I thought I would have my legs waxed at the same time. As she goes to a beautician that she is friendly with – I was quite happy to strip naked and lay there with my legs wide open amongst friends. It was a novel experience and actually not as painfull as I thought it would be.

6 Weeks later I faced the dilemma once again – do I go again or not? I pondered over how I felt over the last few weeks and I found it pointless just having a Brazilian – I had been achieving virtually the same thing with a bikini shave which I did myself. Waxing my legs was pointless – I like to have clean shaven legs and I couldn’t stand having hair on my legs for a few weeks waiting for the hair to be long enough to wax again. So I never went back to have my legs waxed.

However, the Brazilian woke up another part of me – the part that feels just a little naughty….. So how would I feel if I went for a “Hollywood”….. (A Hollywood is where ALL the hair on ones girlie parts are removed.)

So I tagged along to my daughter-in-laws next appointment and tried the Hollywood.

I was truly amazed at how I felt afterwards – no more razor burns or rashes and yes – I do feel a little naughty when I look at myself naked. 

I have faithfully kept to the 6 week schedule since then. I can no longer stand having hair in all the wrong places and feel like a gorilla with the slightest little bit of growth.

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