A new me

As a young girl I had long blond hair.  Something possessed me around 28 years ago to
cut my hair.  When I say cut – I mean
extremely short, and I have had very short hair ever since.  It has always been easy to manage – wash and
leave – no fussing or hassling in the mornings. 

About a year ago, I went through a “What If” stage
again.  What if I grew my hair for
example.   I have been here before I must
add – I start growing my hair and it gets to a certain stage and it irritates
the hell out of me and I then have it all cut off again.  But this time I promised myself I would not
cut it again and would stick with it.  I
am not the nubile young woman I used to be – I am now more refined and, what is
the word… oh yes,  Voluptuous!  So I thought having my hair longer may soften
my face up a bit and give me a new look. 
Not sure how long to grow it but I promised myself I would grow it to a
suitable length and I would know when the length was right.

So here I am almost a year later – my hair is still on the short side but
my fringe now comes to my nose, the rest all comes down to my neck – I have had
it trimmed and tidied up a few times.  It
has been a hard year though.  Washing my
hair every morning and then spending ages blow drying it and making it look
like something (this is not my forte – there are 2 things I cannot do – the
first is ironing and the second is hair – I can do anything else but not this). 

For some unknown reason, I now have extremely curly hair
(not like the dead straight hair I had when I was a kid).  So if I don’t spend hours blow-drying it, I
look like a maltese poodle.  So I made the decision to have my hair

I did some research and I booked an appointment with my
hairdresser (Peter) last week Wednesday. 
We had a discussion about straightening my hair and he touched up my
hi-lites.   I could only have the straightening
treatment done a week later – and so here we are!

I had a hair appointment at 8am this morning.  The treatment was applied, my hair
straightened, my hair washed, conditioned etc etc and here I am with straight
hair once again.  My fringe is hanging in
my face and driving me nuts but perhaps that is just the way it was blow-dryed
by Peter.  I will see what happens
tomorrow morning – hopefully I will get out of bed and look like a real person
instead of a monster, and hopefully I will wash my hair, dry it only and it
will look lovely!

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