House Rules

Over the years hubby and I have had to make up certain rules relating to the bringing up of our 4 sons.

Now there are certain non negotiable rules – they are never written down or spoken about – just accepted.  The most important non-negotiable rule is:

Seat belts will be worn when in the car – a rule we implemented on the birth of our first son – if one gets into a vehicle, you put your seat belt on. The car does not move until everyone’s seat belt is on.

Then there are the House Rules and we have numbered them as they came into being. These were discussed as a family and duly implemented. There are not many and we have raised 4 wonderful boys based on the following rules:

1.  No balls in the house – pretty self explanatory this one – no one is allowed to play with balls in the house.  This rule when broken, has always proved why it is in place.
2.  Work together, play together – also pretty self explanatory. This is the hardest rule of them all as my sons tend to forget this rule daily. Sibling rivalry is something we deal with on a daily basis. It does get easier as they get older, but I think they just agree to disagree as they get older.
3.  Don’t let Mommy pick video’s (sadly this is me – I am destined to watch Blood, Guts and Gore for the rest of my life! Aliens / Werewolves / Vampires are the name of the game – although I must admit I have become partial to vampires recently and have been known to fantasise about them!)
4.  The 4 W’s – Who, What, Where, When – This info is required when my kids want to go out. We very seldom say no and there is usually a good reason when we do.
We have more recently implemented a new rule which applies to Son no 3 and 4.  Son no 3 has his birthday on the 9th of the month and Son no 4 on the 12th – one odd and one even day.  If it is your day (i.e odd dates or even dates), then you can call shotgun and sit in the front seat of the car, you get to chose the music played, but it is also your day to do chores.
These rules have worked pretty well for us.

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