Young love

So I finally met Son no 2’s girlfriend via Skype last night.  They have been going out for quite a few months now and they have not wanted me to meet her via Skype and have insisted that I meet her in person rather.

However, my son lives in Dubai and I live in South Africa and I have been bitching and complaining about not talking to my son over weekends.  Weekends is the best time to talk to him via Skype as he is very busy during the week.  But as the girlfriend stays over on the weekends, I have not been “allowed” to talk to him as the girlfriend may be there and I may see her or hear her in the background!

Finances have been a little challenging recently and Hubby has kept his wallet tightly zipped so no air ticket to Dubai for me has been forthcoming – even though I was prepared to give up all mothers day / birthday / Christmas and any other presents all year for an air ticket to Dubai to see my son and meet his new girlfriend.

So we met via Skype – and she is gorgeous.  She was sporting a new QUEEN t-shirt and has gorgeous long brown hair.  She was very pretty indeed and seemed to have an excellent sense of humour.

So guest what Hubby – I now want to go to Dubai more than ever to meet her in person!

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