Boys will be boys – part 2

This is the second post in my Boys will be boys series.  View the first post here

This episode involves Son no 1:

Hubby and I used to work at Sun City many many years ago.  We duly moved on and worked for the Sun International head office in Johannesburg for awhile.  We were involved with the development of the LOST CITY at Sun City.  Hubby had to go up to Sun City for a few weeks and I joined him with son no 1 and 2 one weekend. 

Son no 2 was a baby so son no 1 must have been around 3 or 4.  One evening we ordered room service which was delivered with the standard room service trolley – the one where the sides are hinged up.  Anyway son no 1 was leaning on the one side eating a plate of hot chips (French fries), when the arm gave way and his face went smashing down onto the trolley.  There was blood everywhere

We went to the Sun City clinic and waited forever for a doctor to come (who never appeared – we gave up waiting after about 4 hours).  Once we cleaned up his face we foud that he had cut his top lip on the left and right quite badly and his 4 front teeth were damaged to the extent that he lost them shortly thereafter.  We spent a fortune on orthodontics a few years later.  He still has the scars on his top lip today. 

When we got back to Johannesburg and saw a doctor and he said the cuts should have been stitched up within a certain amount of time and as this period had now lapsed, there was not much one could do about it but to leave it to heal naturally.  We have always been very careful with room service trolleys since then and never use the trolleys with the sides up.

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