Mommy Porn

A week ago hubby starts reading an article in the newspaper out loud to me.  It is about a book called Fifty shades of Grey

The article describes the book as Mommy Porn.  The older woman’s version of the Twilight Trilogy. So I went ahead and purchased a copy on iBooks.

A week later I am reading book 2 – Fifty Shades Darker.

When I started 
Fifty shades of Grey , I first looked at the number of pages (around 1,500) and I was a little concerned about being very bored with it.  I generally read erotica and romance novels as a quick read in bed before nodding off.  It clears my mind and it is a welcome change after a stressful day.

I found Fifty shades of Grey very easy to read.  It is about a young virgin college graduate who goes to interview a billionaire in place of her sick friend.  Needless to say she is not a virgin for long.

A few pages in and suddenly we are introduced to BDSM and the Red Room of Pain.

Now a few months back I read a book called The claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  This was my first introduction to BDSM and I was absolutely horrified.  It was a dreadful book with a dreadful story.  I suppose you are asking why did I read it then.  Well the truth is out of curiosity.  It certainly was not erotic (to me) but it did make me aware of this alternative lifestyle – one I don’t want anything to do with.

So all of a sudden I am having a flashback of this book.  But still I did not put in down – I kept reading.  

This book is so much different to The claiming of sleeping beauty.  It is an introduction to BDSM.  It explains all the rules and how it works and I found myself very curious.  Most of the sex scenes involve what the billionaire describes as Vanilla sex.  Which is just usual sex with no bondage or pain or punishment involved.

It is definitely erotic and you will definitely want to get a copy for yourself to read.

See some of the following links for more reviews: 

Do you let your husband go shopping

Hubby and I have always had an understanding about who does what in our relationship – he puts the food on the table – and I do everything else! (I jest – well just a little)

Hubby does indeed bring in the doe. It is his job to bring in the clients and deal with them. I run the company from the back.

My job also includes the following:

I am responsible for the kids which includes schooling, sporting activities and extra mural activities
I run the house
I do all the shopping and buy the groceries and any other items required in the house, or by hubby or kids or maid or gardener
I deal with all medical issues
I pay the bills and do the accounts
I prepare and cook all meals
And when the maid is not around – I clean

I know this list may sound biased but I bet if hubby was making a list, his would be biased as well. But there is a reason why I do certain things and one of them is why I do all the shopping.

For example:

I always have a stash of earbuds. I buy a small packet approximately every 6 months. When we are about to run out, I buy some more.

Hubby went shopping with me last week and he noticed I had earbuds on my list. So off he troddles down the earbud aisle while I was getting something else and he reappears with 8 huge bags of earbuds. I politely explained that we don’t need this meany and they would last for about 4-5 years, but he didn’t want to know. He insisted that at least we now have them and I don’t need to buy any more for awhile.

And then he offered to go and find the toilet rolls…..

Fashion shows and Boys will be Boys

Debated what title to give this post – it fits firmly within my Boys will be Boys series but as this is so recent, I decided on Fashion Shows and Boys will be Boys.

I am currently sitting at our local hospital. Son no 3 has just been taken to surgery to have his wrist set. The full story is as follows:

Son no 3 is part of the backstage / technical crew for his school. The grade 11’s have just had their annual fashion show event and he of course was part of the crew that worked on it. Last night was their last performance and son no 3 arranged for me to collect him at about 11pm after they had de-rigged some of the equipment after the show.

I leave home in plenty of time last night armed with my iPad – it is typical for them to be delayed and I have sat in the car park before for an hour or so with nothing to do.

On my way there, I get a call from the school. Son no 3 has fallen off a step ladder and hurt himself and can I come collect him. I explain I am on my way and should be there within 10 minutes.

5 minutes later I get another call – they are struggling to keep him conscious – he keeps dozing off and he is in a lot of pain – can I meet them at the hospital – one of the other student parents is an orthopaedic surgeon and he arrived there and has stabilised his arm.

Luckily the hospital is 2 blocks away from the school and I arrive just before they do.

I am standing in reception when they bring him in. They are helping him walk and he is very drowsy. His arm is secured by 2 plastic bits they found laying around the school hall and they have a pillow under his arm to stabilise it as well. We get a wheelchair for him and he is wheeled into the ER.

Of course I can’t go in – I need to fill in the 50 forms first with medical aid details before they will look at him (don’t you just live hospitals!)

So finally I get to go in. We have to keep talking to him to keep him conscious – he is in absolute agony. They assess him and agree he needs X-rays, but first they need to deal with the pain.

So out comes a drip with a small bag and a bottle. This is put in and the contents of both siphoned into him very quickly. He is still in pain…

So the doc orders some morphine for him and they put this in the drip. Ten minutes later he is still in pain….

So the doc orders more morphine.

In amongst all this – I can feel one of my menopausal moments kicking in – the temperature has just been raised by 20 degrees – I feel feignt and nauseous. I rush to the bathroom to splash myself with some cold water and just to breathe….

Eventually the pain is relieved enough to send him down to X-rays. They take the X-rays and we head back to the ER.

The report comes back – he has fractured his wrist in 2 places. It obviously needs to be set under anaesthetic. They need to call in an orthopaedic surgeon to have a look before anything else happens.

Son no 3 doesn’t want to see the surgeon on call – he wants the parent who saw him at school to come. The parent had called the hospital earlier and volunteered to come through as well so they were aware of him. He is called and 30 minutes later he arrives.

He looks at the X-rays and agrees with the report. He recommends that son no 3 is transferred to another hospital where “Doctor Wrist” is based. He is apparently the best doctor for this type of injury – he has been informed of the issue and it was arranged that son no 3 can go home for a few hours and then we would meet Doctor Wrist at 8am. So his arm is put into a cast to stabilise it until the morning.

So here I am – feeling rather sorry for myself – didn’t get much sleep, my stomach is in knots and I am a worried mother.

Seen the doctor and the anaesthetist and filled in more forms. They have just taken him into theatre. He should be back in the ward in about 90 minutes and he can go home as soon as he is up and about.

Suppose he now has a good excuse to get out of his chores for the next 6 weeks….

Cough, Cough, Cough

It is about 10 days since Son no 2 has gone back to Dubai and it has finally hit me again that I am 1 son short.  I must sound like a broken record harping on about missing him, but I do.  I don’t get depressed or soppy about it – it just would be nice to have him here.  I am glad he is happy there and has made a life for himself there.  There is also a lot more opportunities for him there than here in South Africa so I am actually quite pleased he is in Dubai.  I still miss him like hell though. Anyway, life must continue.

Son no 1’s renovations are coming along quite nicely.  They have started painting and tiling so it does look like things are progressing well.  They should be able to move back in by the end of May.

Son no 4 was away all of last week at a school camp.  He got back on Friday with a sore throat and runny nose.  So we have done the usual doctor trip this week.  As I am writing this – I can hear him coughing his poor little heart out and there is nothing I can do for him.  Nothing seems to help.  I have tried all sorts of cough mixtures and honey and throat lozengers, but nothing seems to help.  So all suggestions are welcome….

Son no 3 has joined the technical crew at school so he gets involved with the various events which happen.  This week is the grade 11 fashion show so he is operating some or other desk for sound or lights.  He is loving it.  Only down side is that I have to stay up till 10pm to collect him.  I am usually in bed by 8pm as we are early risers.  The show is on all week so I should feel like death by the end of the week!

The Bedroom Blog: Early Hot Flushes………..

I have recently discovered that I am going through Menopause so I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject.  I have also come across some posts by others related to the subject and this is one that I would like to share:

The Bedroom Blog: Early Hot Flushes………..

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I used to laugh at women who referred to their hot flushes and believe you me – it is not something to be laughed at.  Like most women though, I do try to see the the funny side of things so gladly take the jesting with a smile!

Sex or Tea?

You know you are getting old when…

After 24 years of marriage, you and Hubby are lying in bed first thing in the morning, half asleep, half groping each other, when Hubby says Sex or Tea?

And you both opt for the tea!

Boys will be Boys – Part 3

This is the third post in my Boys will be boys series. View the previous posts here:

This episode involves Son no 2:

We were booked on a trip to Mauritius and I did my last bit of shopping the afternoon before we left.  I had 3 kids in tow and was about 6 months pregnant with son no 4. 

Son no 1, 2 and 3 made the usual dash for the car at the shopping centre and I am not sure who’s exact fault it was, but the car door was slammed shut on son no 2’s foot.  So off to the doctor, emergency room etc we go…..

Son no 2 had broken his big toe.  This of course put a bit of a damper on our trip to Mauritius. 

Son no 2 was now on crutches – thankfully the doctor did not find it necessary to put a cast on his foot.  This complicated things a little at the airport.  As the plane was parked away from the terminal, they had to make special arrangements for a handicapped access lift to get him onto the plane. 

He spent 3 days on crutches in Mauritius complaining about not being able to swim and join in the fun and his foot miraculously got better very quickly after that – must have been all the fresh air! 

He spent the rest of the time running around like nothing had happened.

Liebster Blog Award!

Yipee – Lifecherries has won a Liebster Blog Award!  (My first blog award)

A big thanks to my friend from Blairadise ( who bestowed this award on me.  (I am deeply honored.) Her daughter has been really ill recently and she shared the details of her hospital confinement with us on her blog.  I am so glad her daughter is out of hospital and back to her usual self again. (Note to Blairadise – I love your description of my blog)

Now for the nitty gritty …

I had no idea what it meant to get the Liebster Blog Award so I had to do some research and these are the rules:

  1. Link back to the person who gave it to you. (Done)
  2. Post the award on your blog for all to see! (Done)
  3. Give the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers (with 200 followers or less). (Not so easy – most of the blog’s I follow have loads of followers – but I will do my best – see below…)
  4. Leave a comment on your chosen blogs to let them know that they have been given the Liebster Blog award (will be done)

In order to fulfill item 3 above, I have decided to give the Liebster Blog Award to the following bloggers:

1. Menopausal Mother –

I have recently started going through Menopause and I can relate to the Menopausal Mother.  I love her blog and hope to find a friend in her as well.

2. The Reluctant Mom’s Blog –

This is my favorite blog – I have broken the rules here as she has more than 200 followers, but she deserves it.  She has faced so many challenges and I commend her for her courage in facing life on a day to day basis.

3. Facing 50 with Humor –

I recently started following this blog – again I relate to so many of the things she talks about.  The description of her blog is as follows: “Carol is a regular blogger and social networking addict. She is currently writing a series of novels which take a humorous look at getting older, much to the dismay of her neglected husband who has to put up with ready-made meals and a very dusty house.”

4. Millenium Child –

This is a selfish award – although I do believe he deserves it.  It is for my son (Son no 4 who is 11).  He is the brainiac in the family.  He does not post very often and hopefully this will encourage him.

5. ……….

I will leave this award for later.  I come across so many blogs that I enjoy and I would like to have this award available for use down the line….

Please have a look at the blogs I have mentioned above and I hope you will enjoy them too.

I need more testosterone

Son no 2 has returned back to Dubai and Son no 4 is away on a school trip for the week. So from 4 sons down to 1. The house is terribly quiet and there is a definite lack of testosterone. It is almost eerie.

The only sounds are the ones associated with the 4 cats scurrying around all claiming their piece of whatever room I am in. I am beginning to feel like a cat-lady!

The new kitty has seriously pissed me off – it has been peeing all over my floors – so we had words! It has not decided to leave though and has decided that being fed is probably better than living off the fruits of the land out in the open. It has not pee’ed on my floors since our little conversation, so hopefully she has the message now.

Son no 3 still on school holiday for the week so he is gaming all night and sleeping all day. (Oh what I’d do to have the life of a teenager.)

It was nice to see son no 2 – even though it was only for 2 weeks. His trip was very badly timed as it has been the busiest 2 weeks in the office for years and I have been extremely stressed and on edge. I am very grateful to have seen him though so I won’t complain – just would have been nice to spend some time with him and plan things to do with him. I Hope to meet his girlfriend later this year.

Winter has peeked its ugly head in with temperatures dropping around 10-15 degrees over the last 2 weeks. The blankets have come out and are back on the beds and I have even put the underfloor heating on in the lounge. I miss summer already.

Son no 4 will be back on Friday and then life can return to some normality again. Looking forward to the sibling rivalry to resume…..