Kitty update

I received a few emails requesting an update on the cat that seems to have adopted us so here goes….

The cat has made itself quite comfortable in my house so I did the responsible thing and took it to the vet on Monday for a check up.

Facts from the vet as follows:

  • She is about 3 years old
  • She is a “tortoise shell”
  • She does not have an RFID tag
  • She does seem to be spayed
  • She is very thin and needs to be fattened up a bit
  • She has worms
  • She has ticks
  • She has fleas

So the vet has deformed her, put tick and flea gunk on and gave her various vaccinations. He wants to see her in a month again for more vaccinations and more deworming. Also to make sure she has put on some weight.

She has decided to stick around so we have started debating names for her. Hubby suggested RIPLEY or JONESY (both from Aliens). Other contenders are SCRUFF and MEOWTH (Pokemon character apparently). Feel free to recommend some names as well.

Didn’t want to get too attached as yet but it does look like she will stick around.

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