I’m a pervert

Okay – So I admit it- I am a pervert…..

With son no 2 being here, we have had more family gatherings than usual and my brother arranged paint balling for all the boys yesterday – a day at “The Woods” .

There were my 4 sons, plus my brothers 2 sons, my brother and a few of his mates all playing paintball – in their full get-up – mask / overall / padding / neck guards / ball guards etc etc

I did not play of course – 45 year old woman playing paintball might be just a little gross.  Instead, I sat with the “girls” and watched the scenery.

The scenery included some varsity students who were also playing (as a separate group).  Their group had just finished playing as our bunch started.  So the varsity students were all HOT and SWEATY!

And how I wished I was 20 years younger!

Being varsity students – they of course thought they were “man enough” to play without any padding or overalls – just a pair of shorts (and no shirt).  Thus enhancing every muscle in their torso.  An boy were they gorgeous!  They were full of bruises – but who was looking at the bruises!

I was going to take some photo’s of them but I thought that might be just a bit perverted!  So I have picked similar pics from the web to indicate the difference between the 2 groups:

This is what our group of boys looked like:

This is what the other group looked like:

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