I need more testosterone

Son no 2 has returned back to Dubai and Son no 4 is away on a school trip for the week. So from 4 sons down to 1. The house is terribly quiet and there is a definite lack of testosterone. It is almost eerie.

The only sounds are the ones associated with the 4 cats scurrying around all claiming their piece of whatever room I am in. I am beginning to feel like a cat-lady!

The new kitty has seriously pissed me off – it has been peeing all over my floors – so we had words! It has not decided to leave though and has decided that being fed is probably better than living off the fruits of the land out in the open. It has not pee’ed on my floors since our little conversation, so hopefully she has the message now.

Son no 3 still on school holiday for the week so he is gaming all night and sleeping all day. (Oh what I’d do to have the life of a teenager.)

It was nice to see son no 2 – even though it was only for 2 weeks. His trip was very badly timed as it has been the busiest 2 weeks in the office for years and I have been extremely stressed and on edge. I am very grateful to have seen him though so I won’t complain – just would have been nice to spend some time with him and plan things to do with him. I Hope to meet his girlfriend later this year.

Winter has peeked its ugly head in with temperatures dropping around 10-15 degrees over the last 2 weeks. The blankets have come out and are back on the beds and I have even put the underfloor heating on in the lounge. I miss summer already.

Son no 4 will be back on Friday and then life can return to some normality again. Looking forward to the sibling rivalry to resume…..


6 thoughts on “I need more testosterone

  1. I have 2 kids out, the 3rd one on her way out, so that will leave just one son home—the sixteen-year-old. i know what you mean, though. The house is a lot quieter; I like it for writing purposes, but sometimes it seems a little lonely when I remember the bustling activity that used to go on here!

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