Do you let your husband go shopping

Hubby and I have always had an understanding about who does what in our relationship – he puts the food on the table – and I do everything else! (I jest – well just a little)

Hubby does indeed bring in the doe. It is his job to bring in the clients and deal with them. I run the company from the back.

My job also includes the following:

I am responsible for the kids which includes schooling, sporting activities and extra mural activities
I run the house
I do all the shopping and buy the groceries and any other items required in the house, or by hubby or kids or maid or gardener
I deal with all medical issues
I pay the bills and do the accounts
I prepare and cook all meals
And when the maid is not around – I clean

I know this list may sound biased but I bet if hubby was making a list, his would be biased as well. But there is a reason why I do certain things and one of them is why I do all the shopping.

For example:

I always have a stash of earbuds. I buy a small packet approximately every 6 months. When we are about to run out, I buy some more.

Hubby went shopping with me last week and he noticed I had earbuds on my list. So off he troddles down the earbud aisle while I was getting something else and he reappears with 8 huge bags of earbuds. I politely explained that we don’t need this meany and they would last for about 4-5 years, but he didn’t want to know. He insisted that at least we now have them and I don’t need to buy any more for awhile.

And then he offered to go and find the toilet rolls…..


5 thoughts on “Do you let your husband go shopping

  1. Oh my gosh, keep hubby out of the grocery store! I don't do any of the grocery shopping–my hubby actually enjoys it, plus the fact that I tend to dwell around the bakery section and spend way too much money on things I have no business buying, so he has banned me from the grocery store!

  2. Oh boy! I can agree wholeheartedly with you on this. As sweet as he is to offer to help pick up something, the truth is he just get's junk. I'm thinking, holy crap, despite us being married with kids for 11 years, when sent to the store with a list he still manages to buy all the crap he purchased when he was single. I have to admit, his shopping would require all of us to have a personal trainer. &;) Great post! Love the honesty.

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