Things that make you smile

It was my birthday today and we were all woken up early by hubby for our traditional early morning present ritual.

As hubby was going into hospital this month and he wasn’t sure how long he would be out of commission, he purchased gifts and cards some weeks ago for my birthday.  In fact he purchased them with son no 3 and 4 just before son no 3’s birthday earlier this month.

This morning I get 3 cards which I open one by one as follows:

  • Card 1 – From hubby wishing me a very happy birthday
  • Card 2 – BLANK – was supposed to be from Son no 3……  Apparently son no 4 was supposed to get him to sign it which he forgot to do
  • Card 3 – as follows:

As you can see – it clearly was not meant for me.  It was a card from son no 4 to son no 3 for his birthday earlier this month which he never gave him.  (You can feel the brotherly love)

So they agreed they would make their own cards for me during the course of the day.  And this is what I got from son no 3:

It certainly gave me a reason to smile!

Oh I love them dearly

What is a parents job

Over the years hubby and I have had some challenging decisions to make regarding the rearing of our children – just like any other parent I suppose.  The one thing we agreed upon right from the beginning was that we would always be open with our children and able to speak freely about anything and everything with our children. 

Hubby and I have never encouraged any form of censorship and have never banned our kids from doing anything. If we say no to something – there is a very clear reason why and we are happy to explain this decision to our children.  We have always encouraged them to ask why and challenge any decision and not to take anything at face value.  We grew up in a society where children were seen and never heard and I vowed I would never bring my children up like this.

We have always been very irritated when a cinema has decided to not let us in due to age restriction on certain films and have always thought that it is our decision as parents to decide whether or not a film is suitable material for our children.  They are free to recommend some form of age restriction but you cannot box all children into a specific category.  They are all very different and very unique.

I firmly believe that as parents, we have 1 job only – and that is to make sure our children are able to survive in the big wide world on their own one day.  And this means exposing them to life and helping them to understand life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  

One of the most important conversations you should have with your children is conversations about sex.  Please note that I have used the plural – “conversations”.  This should not be a single conversation that you should feel obliged to have when your child becomes a teenager – this should be an ongoing open, honest conversation with your child from the day they are born.  Obviously these conversations should be age appropriate in the language you use, but you should never shy away from talking about the subject.  

I came across a post today which reflects a lot of my own thoughts and opinions.  Please go along and have a read and let me know your thoughts ……

Birthday wishes

It is my birthday in a few days – the day I have come to dread over the last few years.  Firstly I have reached the age where I would rather forget how old I am and secondly because I have to give my family a birthday list.

I have pretty much everything I need and that I could possibly want – so that leaves me with a “wish list” rather than a want list…. I describe a wish list as things I could only dream about having. So my list is as follows (in no particular order):

  • To be 20 years younger
  • To not have to work
  • To not have to worry about paying the bills
  • For each of my kids to inherit a Million Dollars from a long lost aunt or uncle somewhere (who doesn’t originate from Nigeria)
  • My Son back from Dubai
  • For a long holiday – on a beach – where I don’t have to do any housework or cooking or cleaning
  • And let’s not forget World peace…
In the end, I will settle for a healthy family and big hug and kiss from each of my children.

Wanna get Naked

Well it is Tuesday morning. Life has settled once more. Apologies not not posting last week. It was a bit of a hectic week looking after hubby after his surgery, and not to mention the mood I was in.

Hubby is feeling much better. I have been changing his dressings daily – he still has stitches and drains from the surgery and he needs to go back to the Doc on Thursday to have it all removed.

Hubby’s sugar levels have dropped dramatically. He used to be on over 200u’s of insulin daily – now only takes 8u’s and hopefully the Doc will tell him to stop taking insulin altogether as his levels are well within normal levels. He has also started to lose weight. So all good stuff.

Hubby slept back in bed last night for the first time since his surgery. He has been sleeping on the couch as it was easier to get up from the couch. If fact I woke up in the middle of the night – to pee (it’s a middle aged thing – I have to pee in the middle of the night). Anyway, as I got back into bed I heard the obligatory “you wanna get naked” from hubby. Half asleep, I uttered a few four letter words back. I could also see him drooling when I got out of the bath this morning. So he is obviously feeling much better.

I am currently sitting at the Orthodontist rooms. Son no 3 is having his braces taken off at long last. He has had them on for 2 and a half years now and he really wants them off. From here I have to rush him back to school to write an exam which was scheduled for first thing this morning. As I had to make the Orthodontist appointment 7 weeks ago, I was unable to reschedule it so I had to write letters to the school and beg the teacher to please allow him to write at a different time to the rest of his grade. So he is not allowed to talk to anyone and has to report straight to her when he leaves the orthodontist.

I finally blew up yesterday morning. Son no 4 was not well yesterday morning – he had a sore tummy. He has missed quite a bit of school this year and I was really annoyed about him missing more and something just snapped and I blew up. I yelled and screamed and shouted at him and anyone else in my path for about 15 minutes. And then sulked for a few hours. It did make me feel so much better though. Haven’t got over the guilt of raising my voice yet.

It is my birthday next week so I have to do a birthday list – will post it in a few days.

Ticking Time Bomb

I am so glad the week is over.  It started with hubby in hospital recouping after his op.  I had a list of things I wanted to get done while he was in hospital – you know those little things that you never get the time to do.  Things like doing the filing, a little household maintenance, tidying up and putting things away that have been laying in a pile for weeks waiting to be put back into their rightful place.
But I slumped…  I just was not in the mood.  The filing sat on the side table in a pile – nagging at me.  I lost all interest in everything – including my blog.
Hubby duly came back home on Tuesday and my mood just got worse.  It is difficult to explain.  I am not depressed, I am  not happy, I am not sad, I am not angry, I am not particularly anything.  The best way to describe my mood is that I feel like a ticking time bomb – ready to explode – for no particular reason.  And I am trying desperately to hold on to my sanity and reasoning.
And the guilt just gets worse.  I feel guilty for feeling like this.  I feel guilty that I want to kick the dog.  I feel guilty that I want to punch hubby in the face.  I feel guilty about being in a shitty mood – but I just cannot snap out of it.  I sent a couple of snarly emails yesterday to our local neighbourhood action group bitching about the refuse not being collected  – and it felt so good.  To just let some steam off. 

And then I read my friends latest post on her blog today “Menopausal Mean” and it explained it all.  I still feel like I want to explode but at least I know why. 

Perhaps I should invest in a punching bag!