Your Man Reminder

I love clever advertising and I especially love clever advertising with a message.  Yesterday I came across a YOUTUBE video which featured half naked men (my favourite) with a message to deliver.

The video is by a Canadian company called Rethink Breast Cancer and stars various extremely good looking men explaining how to check your breasts. 

If you go to the Rethink Breast Cancer site or to the App Store, you can download an App to your iPhone or Android phone which reminds you to check your breasts – and you can even choose the hunky guy who will be reminding you.  Some of the features of the App include:

  • Customize – Update the App to fit your personal liking, with features that let you chose your man, his pose and more.
  • Hot Messages – You’ll love the attention your man gives to you, with messages like “Any guy would be lucky to have you” and “Give your breasts some TLC.”
  • Reminders – Tailor your calendar schedule with settings for weekly, monthly or surprise reminders directed by a sexy man of your choice.
  • Education – The App includes a special “signs and symptoms” tab to hone in on the importance of early detection.
  • Get Checked – Use a variety of scheduling options such as doctors’ appointments and many more.

So ladies – download the App and don’t forget to Feel your Boobies.

PS – watch the video all the way to the end….

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