It is Son no 3’s 15th birthday tomorrow.  It becomes more difficult to buy my sons gifts as they get older.  I haven’t been in a toy store for years.  Gifts seem to consist of gadgets nowadays.  So although he is only getting 2 gifts – they cost a small fortune.  No more wrapping paper either – re-usable gift bags are the way to go.  I remember the days when the wrapping paper was more appreciated than the gift – it provided hours of fun when they were little.

He had his post-op check-up last Thursday with the Orthopedic Surgeon.  (View my previous post about how he broke his wrist here: )

His wrist is looking good.  We finally got to see the pins – he has 2 pins in his wrist – just there sticking out.  Looks quite gross actually.  Apparently if he was a little older – they would have put a plate in his wrist.  He had a new cast put on and another appointment made for the 7th of June to remove the cast and pins (They just pull the pins out apparently – no anesthetic!)  

He has been complaining of pain since his cast was changed and keeps saying he can feel the pins.  So today I took him back to the Doc to check on the pain.  Doc happily removed the cast to replace it – his skin is starting to grow over the pins – apparently quite normal.  The pins were obviously catching on the cast and he is feeling much better now that the cast has been replaced.

Hubby on his special liquid diet (soup) till Friday.  He goes in for a gastric bypass on Friday.    He should be in hospital for about 5 days.  So I am definitely having my fair share of hospitals this month.

7 thoughts on “Birthday’s

  1. Glad to hear your son is on the mend now–the worst of it is over! Please tell hubby good luck as well with his surgery….at this point you might as well rent a bed at the hospital!

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