Today’s the Day

So today is the big day.  Hubby is having a gastric bypass today. 

The op was planned in January already.  Since then he has had to see:

  • A Dietitian – who has been monitoring his eating habits 
  • A shrink – just to make sure he is sane 
  • A specialist surgeon – who specialises in gastric bypass 
  • A Endocrinologist – who has been dealing with his diabetes and working with the dietitian to get his glucose levels under control

They have all had to do some form of motivation for him to have the procedure and to get our medical aid to pay for it (or most of it anyway). 

We were here at the hospital at 6am this morning.  Waited for the receptionist to get her first  cup of coffee (she is not a morning person) and once he was booked in, we made our way to the surgical ward and we were shown into a private ward. 

Not sure why he is in a private ward – may be because he SNORES (he is under the impression that the doctor just likes him!)  But who is complaining (about the private ward, not the snoring….) 

The hospital is brand new – only opened a few months ago and it is just up the road from where we live.  So everything looks so nice and clean and comfortable – the curtains match the chairs, beds and mattresses are brand new and that sort of thing. 

I have brought my basket of things to do today which includes the following:

  • Assortment of magazines (read them already) 
  • My iPad so I can spend some time catching up on reading all my favourite bloggers 
  • My laptop – because I planned to do a post on my blog today and I just cannot post from my iPad – it is just too clumsy.

My brother and his wife have been already and I joined them for a quick breakfast in the cafe.  Our eldest son and his wife will be popping in later as well to keep me company. 

Hubby has had an issue with his stomach ever since I have known him and he has had a problem with his weight for the last 20 odd years.  He had diverticulur disease back in 2003 and had a colostomy which was reversed 6 months later.  Since then he has also been diabetic.

His diabetes has been out of control and it has taken a lot of hard work getting his glucose levels to an acceptable level.  He currently injects himself with insulin 5 times a day with a combination of long and short acting insulin (if that is the right terminology). 

In theory this procedure will cure the diabetes.  This procedure will also probably make his gout flare up and apparently this is due to the massive weight loss that will occur. 

He has been on a special diet for the last 2 weeks – 1 week of soft foods and 1 week of smooth soups and smoothies.  He will be on a special diet after the op as well – couple of days of clear liquids, then soups, then soft foods and then slowly introducing him to real food again.  Should take about 4-6 weeks. 

He will only be able to eat small amounts of food at a time and because his stomach will be much smaller and his intestines re-routed, he will not absorb as much food / nutrients anymore.  He will have to take vitamin supplements for the rest of his life.  

He is so looking forward to not having to inject himself and test his glucose levels a gazillion times each day (and hopefully loosing some weight) and I am so looking forward to 4 or 5 days of peace and quiet at home while he is in hospital. 

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