Wanna get Naked

Well it is Tuesday morning. Life has settled once more. Apologies not not posting last week. It was a bit of a hectic week looking after hubby after his surgery, and not to mention the mood I was in.

Hubby is feeling much better. I have been changing his dressings daily – he still has stitches and drains from the surgery and he needs to go back to the Doc on Thursday to have it all removed.

Hubby’s sugar levels have dropped dramatically. He used to be on over 200u’s of insulin daily – now only takes 8u’s and hopefully the Doc will tell him to stop taking insulin altogether as his levels are well within normal levels. He has also started to lose weight. So all good stuff.

Hubby slept back in bed last night for the first time since his surgery. He has been sleeping on the couch as it was easier to get up from the couch. If fact I woke up in the middle of the night – to pee (it’s a middle aged thing – I have to pee in the middle of the night). Anyway, as I got back into bed I heard the obligatory “you wanna get naked” from hubby. Half asleep, I uttered a few four letter words back. I could also see him drooling when I got out of the bath this morning. So he is obviously feeling much better.

I am currently sitting at the Orthodontist rooms. Son no 3 is having his braces taken off at long last. He has had them on for 2 and a half years now and he really wants them off. From here I have to rush him back to school to write an exam which was scheduled for first thing this morning. As I had to make the Orthodontist appointment 7 weeks ago, I was unable to reschedule it so I had to write letters to the school and beg the teacher to please allow him to write at a different time to the rest of his grade. So he is not allowed to talk to anyone and has to report straight to her when he leaves the orthodontist.

I finally blew up yesterday morning. Son no 4 was not well yesterday morning – he had a sore tummy. He has missed quite a bit of school this year and I was really annoyed about him missing more and something just snapped and I blew up. I yelled and screamed and shouted at him and anyone else in my path for about 15 minutes. And then sulked for a few hours. It did make me feel so much better though. Haven’t got over the guilt of raising my voice yet.

It is my birthday next week so I have to do a birthday list – will post it in a few days.

13 thoughts on “Wanna get Naked

  1. Love this post—yeah, I'd say hubby is DEFINITELY on the road to recovery!! And don't feel guilty about yelling at the kids—we all do it from time to time, and after the lousy week you had, give yourself a break on this one. The boys know how much you still love them, no matter what!

  2. Keep your cool..it will be better for you to relax and refrain from yelling. Anyway,Good thing to know that your hubby is quite okay by now.. Just believe this will get better for the family. And never forget to take care of yourself too!!! Regards!

  3. Sometimes, that's the best way to get rid of frustrations. But you seem like you take great care of your family and are a wonderful wife and mom, so I hope the guilt won't be with you too much longer. Oh wow, it may be a 20 y/o thing too, to get up and pee in the middle of the night LOL I do it too.xoxo -S

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