Birthday wishes

It is my birthday in a few days – the day I have come to dread over the last few years.  Firstly I have reached the age where I would rather forget how old I am and secondly because I have to give my family a birthday list.

I have pretty much everything I need and that I could possibly want – so that leaves me with a “wish list” rather than a want list…. I describe a wish list as things I could only dream about having. So my list is as follows (in no particular order):

  • To be 20 years younger
  • To not have to work
  • To not have to worry about paying the bills
  • For each of my kids to inherit a Million Dollars from a long lost aunt or uncle somewhere (who doesn’t originate from Nigeria)
  • My Son back from Dubai
  • For a long holiday – on a beach – where I don’t have to do any housework or cooking or cleaning
  • And let’s not forget World peace…
In the end, I will settle for a healthy family and big hug and kiss from each of my children.


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