What is a parents job

Over the years hubby and I have had some challenging decisions to make regarding the rearing of our children – just like any other parent I suppose.  The one thing we agreed upon right from the beginning was that we would always be open with our children and able to speak freely about anything and everything with our children. 

Hubby and I have never encouraged any form of censorship and have never banned our kids from doing anything. If we say no to something – there is a very clear reason why and we are happy to explain this decision to our children.  We have always encouraged them to ask why and challenge any decision and not to take anything at face value.  We grew up in a society where children were seen and never heard and I vowed I would never bring my children up like this.

We have always been very irritated when a cinema has decided to not let us in due to age restriction on certain films and have always thought that it is our decision as parents to decide whether or not a film is suitable material for our children.  They are free to recommend some form of age restriction but you cannot box all children into a specific category.  They are all very different and very unique.

I firmly believe that as parents, we have 1 job only – and that is to make sure our children are able to survive in the big wide world on their own one day.  And this means exposing them to life and helping them to understand life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  

One of the most important conversations you should have with your children is conversations about sex.  Please note that I have used the plural – “conversations”.  This should not be a single conversation that you should feel obliged to have when your child becomes a teenager – this should be an ongoing open, honest conversation with your child from the day they are born.  Obviously these conversations should be age appropriate in the language you use, but you should never shy away from talking about the subject.  

I came across a post today which reflects a lot of my own thoughts and opinions.  Please go along and have a read and let me know your thoughts ……


2 thoughts on “What is a parents job

  1. I agree that this is SO important! You have the initial "talk", but you have to leave that door open so that they will be comfortable coming back again to discuss situations that come up in their own lives regarding sex! I've always been open with my kids about it, and now that they are grown, we are all very close—-we say what we feel without shame, and I love the people they have become! Honesty and openness is always the best policy when raising kids! They have to learn these skills from their parents!

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