Things that make you smile

It was my birthday today and we were all woken up early by hubby for our traditional early morning present ritual.

As hubby was going into hospital this month and he wasn’t sure how long he would be out of commission, he purchased gifts and cards some weeks ago for my birthday.  In fact he purchased them with son no 3 and 4 just before son no 3’s birthday earlier this month.

This morning I get 3 cards which I open one by one as follows:

  • Card 1 – From hubby wishing me a very happy birthday
  • Card 2 – BLANK – was supposed to be from Son no 3……  Apparently son no 4 was supposed to get him to sign it which he forgot to do
  • Card 3 – as follows:

As you can see – it clearly was not meant for me.  It was a card from son no 4 to son no 3 for his birthday earlier this month which he never gave him.  (You can feel the brotherly love)

So they agreed they would make their own cards for me during the course of the day.  And this is what I got from son no 3:

It certainly gave me a reason to smile!

Oh I love them dearly

8 thoughts on “Things that make you smile

  1. Aren't kids great during our birthdays??? You just never know what kind of card you're going to get. My daughter once gave me one with drawings of poop all over it—told me she loved me because I was her favorite "poopy". Go figure…..

  2. Happy birthday for Tuesday.(I didn't forget, I just didn't know!)But it the things kids do that makes it all special. Years later we all sit down and recall these little moments that make our lives what they are. I still have a folder with cards that the kids made for me many, many years ago. Today it is easier for them to send me a SMS, BBM, eMail or just a mention on FB. So enjoy while you can

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