The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Quirky Grandma for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award.

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Wow – This is a tough one!  Will nominate a few now and add to the list as time goes by:

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While you’re down there!

There is an abundance of advertising surrounding the Olympics on telly at the moment.  I was in the kitchen yesterday evening making dinner when my 15 year old made a comment as Sky News were doing a segment on the upcoming games.

The “City logo” was on the screen at the time.  His comment was “Look – there’s Lisa Simpson giving Bart Simpson a blow job”.
I was speechless!  WTF!  What do you say when your child says this.
I have never really looked at the logo and of course now I had to have a look.  The segment on Sky News was over so I got my iPad out to have a look.  I came across a whole bunch of social media sites and YouTube videos galore all saying the same thing.
And I could not disagree.
Decide for yourselves…  
Olympic Logo

What’s My Blog Contest

I would like to thank Nell at the Rambling Couch Potato for including my blog in her What’s My Blog Contest.  I feel very special being included.

She has chosen 25 blogs and is asking 25 questions about them over the next 25 days.  Winner who answers the most questions gets a prize.

Mosey on over there and have a look…..

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Opening Ceremony of the Olympics

Hubby had an epiphany last week.  He calls me while out and about at meetings and says that there are still tickets available for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.  Can I find out more info.

I must admit that I had not considered this as an option prior to the phone call from Hubby but it definitely peaked my interest.  We could fly out on Thursday, see the Opening Ceremony on Friday and fly back to South Africa on Saturday.  A once in a lifetime experience.

So I went onto the web and did some research.
Just to give you some background of what I do as this is a subject I don’t touch on much on my blog. Hubby and I are involved with the technical side of events.  When I say events – I mean BIG events.  
We do the odd and unusual events and not the day to day type events.  For example – we were involved as follows for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa:
  • Overall Event Managers for the Preliminary Draw
  • Local Technical Directors for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Technical Directors for the FIFA Kick Off Celebration Concert

So the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is something we would love to see from a personal and professional point.

2010 FIFA Football World Cup

FIFA Kick Off Celebration Concert

I went on the web and looked up the Olympics. There are indeed tickets available for the Opening Ceremony. I do some more browsing – not as easy as it looks as you cannot just buy a ticket. You have to go through certain authorized representatives. So I do more digging and finally find the South African representative. According to their website all tickets are sold out. I send them an email enquiring about the availability and the process of purchasing tickets. (A week later and I have still not had a reply from them, so not surprised there are still tickets available.)

In the meantime I have costed it all out:

  • Airtickets – we have loads of airline points so we could cover the cost of the airtickets with points (if we are allowed to use them)
  • Accommodation:  Not really an issue – probably not freely available anywhere near the venue, but hey – we are not going into this blindly and are quite happy to stay on the outskirts and travel in.
  • Local transport in London – probably going to be a pain in the ass but as long as we leave early
  • Tickets – haven’t had anyone reply to emails.  Got a vague idea of prices on the web though ranging upwards of GBP1,850 each.  This is where I fell off my chair…..
This is about R23,000 per ticket – a SH!T load of money in South African terms.
So this is where the idea bit the dust.  It was a nice thought and it would have been great!

It’s Not Your Place

It’s not your place has been the theme at home his week.  I’ll explain…

We usually get up at around 5.30 in the morning. We all get bathed / showered etc.  Son no 3 sets the breakfast table, we sit and have breakfast, then we brush teeth and get into the car for the morning school run.  Most mornings this all runs smoothly and everyone is in a good mood.

This week has been different though.  Son no 4 has decided to change his position at the table and this has upset Son no 3. So chatter around the table has been met with comments like – “Stop looking at me / Dork / I Don’t want to look at your ugly face etc etc.”

I have done some illustrations below to help you visualise:

This first illustration shows our original seating layout – when we still had Son no 1 and 2 at home.  As you can see – Son no 4 sits on the right hand side.

The following illustration shows our current seating arrangement – it is just the 4 of us nowadays so there is loads of space at the table.

Son no 4 has decided to move from position 2 to position no 6.  No big deal really and hubby and I  have no issues with it.  Son no 3 of course is causing major problems over the move though.  He insists on setting a place for Son no 4 in position 2 every morning.  Son no 4 then comes into the kitchen and they snarl at each other for 5 minutes and then Son no 4 moves his place setting to position 6.

Then the 2 of them spend the rest of the time throwing derogatory comments at each other.  So by the time we get into the car – World War 3 and 4 has happened.

We told Son no 3 one morning that if he didn’t like it – he could go eat in the dining-room storeroom. (I say storeroom as our dining-room is currently home to the treadmill white elephant and loads of boxes and washing baskets etc.)  So he sat in the dining-room on his own.

Whatever hubby and I do or say – we are accused of favouring the other child.  There is just no way of winning this argument.


My eldest sent this to me this morning and I had a good laugh.  I thought it was good enough to go on my blog….

My hubby always gets my birthday and our anniversary dates mixed up.  At the beginning of May each year he says: “Just remind me – is your birthday on the 21st or 29th?” At the beginning of September each year he says: “Just remind me – is our anniversary on the 21st or 29th?”   

At least he gets the months right!

My Mundane Life

It has been a mundane 10 days or so.  You have probably picked this up from my posts last week which were not exactly exciting.

I supplied accreditation and front of house services for a “Kids Club” on Friday night.  It is a club my brother has started and wants to hold every 2 months or so.  It is aimed a kids between the ages of 14 to 18.  I must admit I was a little skeptical at first about it.  Kids of that age are very difficult to cater for.   Anyway – it was decided that the “club” would be for them only – no adults allowed.  We made sure that there was no alcohol or drugs and we made sure there were the associated “bouncers” on site and they would be safe whilst in our care.  I was amazed at how well behaved they all were and I think the evening was a great success.  The next one is planed for the 21st September.  More information about this event can be found at

Saturday and Sunday were spent resting – well sort of.  I cooked a roast lamb with potatoes and Yorshire puddings for lunch yesterday which made a nice change.  And we watched Armageddon yesterday afternoon – my favorite film!

Kids went back to school today – Yipee!  Peace reigns once more at home and the house no longer looks like a bomb has exploded.  I had to take son no 4 for his vaccinations this afternoon and I popped into Son no 1’s house to have a look at how it is coming along.

Son no 1 and his wife are currently living with us in a cottage on our property.  They purchased a house late last year and have done some major renovations.  They moved back in with us while the renovation are taking place.  It is now almost finished and just the final touch-ups are happening at the moment. This should see them moving out in about a week or so.  Of course Hubby is smiling and he keeps gloating about how we will have more peace and quiet when they are gone.  I am avoiding the subject as this means I wont see them much anymore and will miss them like hell.

Son no 2 has booked his plane ticket out here in the middle of next month and I will finally get to meet his new girlfriend.  I am counting the hours till I see him.

Otherwise the rest of the week is looking just as boring at the moment and I apologise if I have bored you all to death.  Hopefully my week will get more exciting.