I have a number of fantasies and this is probably not the right medium to go into some of them but I thought I would indulge in one of my less risque fantasies here.

I was browsing our local news website today –  One of the featured articles was about the highest paid actors in Hollywood – My fantasy of course would be to earn this much money IN MY ENTIRE LIFE and not just performing in one film or in one year.

On this site, they go on to mention the following actors as being the highest paid and I thought I would give you some of my thoughts:

9/10 (tie). Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner – $26.5 million

Hmm – Robert Pattinson isn’t bad but Tayor Lautner is just so Yummy.  If only he was 20 years older (or I was 20 years younger).  Then I wouldn’t feel so guilty about drooling.  As actors – well they are both rather young and I m not sure they have deserved the right to earn this much money just yet.  But I suppose millions of female teenagers would disagree with me.

8. Mark Wahlberg – $27 million

He is not bad but he is pretty average in my books. I could think of 10 other actors more deserving than him.

7 (tie). Will Smith – $30 million
Will Smith is very versatile and an amazing actor.  Watched Men in Black 3 the other day and I always enjoy his movies.  He is brilliant.

7 (tie). Johnny Depp – $30 million
There is just so much to say here – I’ll leave till last…….

6. Sacha Baron Cohen – $30 million
Not sure how he gets to make this much money and I am left quite speechless.  I dont think he is funny or has any talent (my opinion – just saying).  I would do my best to NOT see any of his films.

5. Ben Stiller – $33 million
He is good at what he does.  Not really one of my top actors but I have seen a few films of his that have been very entertaining.  I don’t believe he deserves this sort of money, but then I suppose box office numbers count a lot here.

4. Dwayne Johnson – $36 million
Another actor that is very average in my books.  Doesn’t do anything for me and I wouldn’t miss him if he never appeared on screen again.

3. Adam Sandler – $37 million

50 First Dates is one of my favourite films so he deserves every penny for this film alone – and for the rest of his life.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio – $37 million
I think he is one of those actors that you absolutely love or hate.  Personally, I hate him.  I just don’t like the guy and none of his movies have ever appealed to me – including Titanic.

1. Tom Cruise – $75 million
WOW! is all I can say.  I am not sure what anyone has to do to earn this much money but can they please teach me how – I’ll even take off my clothes and do it naked!  He is extremely talented and I love his movies.  He draws a huge audience and is just a natural actor who can do everything and anything.  

Now let’s get back to Johnny Depp!

Some fellow bloggers and I spend so much time fantasizing about him and swapping half naked pictures of him.

Besides being an amazing actor and being able to portray any character, he just oozes sex appeal.  Can’t identify why – if you look at him he is not particularly handsome.

But if you stare – he is absolutely gorgeous. He is the personification of perfection. He has just turned 49 so just the right age for me (In case he is looking!).

He is just so sexy – even when dressed as a pirate.  So very deserving of every penny and more…….

Let me know your thoughts about these actors.

(ps – if Johnny Depp is reading this – I would love to meet you!  It would make my wildest dreams come true)


16 thoughts on “Fantasies

  1. I guess I need to get out more! LOL. Who are Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner? Wanted to respond spontaneously, and not look them up. I THINK Pattinson starred in Hunger Games. If true, he's okay. Maybe not 26.5 worth of okay, but o-k-a-y.Mark Wahlberg – Again just okay, in my humble opinion. I think I best remember him in one of the Planet of the Apes movies?? No?Will Smith – Somewhat talent, but limited. Kinda hunky in a boyish fashion. Very personable, likeable, and has across the board appeal. This, I think is what gets him over and into some of his roles, not necessarily raw talent.Johnny Depp – Think he's cute, sexy, talented.Sacha Cohen – Didn't recognize the name. Sure I've seen him though. Have to take a pass.Ben Stiller – Quirky talent. Average looks. Can't imagine him in a serious film.Dewayne Johnson – ? PassAdam Sandler – Good looking. Talented.Leonardo DiCaprio – I put him & Will Smith in the same boat, although I do think Leo is more talented, and hence more versatile in casting. He's attractive in a boyish way.Tom Cruise – To me, he's okay talent wise, Unsure about the $75 mil. though. Looks wise, he' just average. I think what sours Tom for me is his Scientology connection. I keep imagining riding around like Paul Revere, shouting, the aliens are here, the aliens are here. Lol.I'm totally old school. Where are the matinee idols, that when they walked into a room you just felt a chill and knew you were in the presence of sheer masculinity. And they were sooo very talented.I'm more of a Robert DiNero, Harrison Ford,Marlon Brando(yes, I know he's dead lol), Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman,Jack Nicholson type gal. Guess old, viney, and geriatric is my biggest turn-on, LOL!On the other hand Ben Affeck, CHRISTOPHER NOTH, and Denzel can get my blood flowing to the point of me tossing my blood clotting meds. Not only are they physically appealing, but great to look at on the silver screen. All Denzel would have to do is walk across the room,- it would be over! Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on.

  2. Johnny Depp has been my fantasy man since he filmed Edward Scissor Hands and I had no idea who he was–just had a feeling that the guy beneath all that weird makeup was beautiful, and I was right. I think I about wet my pants when he came out with the first pirate's movie. It was an "Oh. My. God." moment. The man never ages and is by far the most beautiful man on the planet!!! I saw him up close at a concert he was playing at about 3 years ago, and let me tell you, he is JUST as gorgeous in real life as he is on film. Beautiful man–perfect fantasy….

  3. Hmmm, sorry, don't really see what you girls see in Johnny Depp. Like Nell, I wasn't quite sure what some of these actors have done to deserve so much money. I'm more of a Richard Gere (before he aged), George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Denzel Washington fan. I didn't see anything in Leo DiCaprio… until he played Howard Hughes in "The Aviator".

  4. Okay I am probably around your age, I do not like Patterson at all, he is far from sexy. Adam Sandler is hot as all get out for me, I love a man who can make me laugh. Tom Cruise well if Katie doesn't want him I will take him *shhhh don't tell my hubby*

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