Be Grateful for the Little Things in Life

Please note:  This post is for ADULTS ONLY.  If you are under 18 or easily offended, please ignore this post and come back another time.

I came across a blog yesterday and was suddenly very grateful to be living in the 21st Century.  Can you just imagine what life would be like living in the 19th Century with none of the gadgets we have today.  Life without my iPhone would definitely be a challenge.

Anyway – This blog talks about Female Hysteria and the treatment thereof.  Click here to read it.

Oh my word – just imagine having to go to your doctor and asking for a pelvic massage!

We have gone from this:

To this:
Let me know what gadgets you are grateful for……

4 thoughts on “Be Grateful for the Little Things in Life

  1. would have to say fans, tv's, computers, microwaves. Not sure if any of these are truly considered gadgets, but I do know that when my tv and/or my computer are on the fritz, you can just about stick a fork in me! I AM DONE!

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