A Man’s Perspective

When I started blogging, I wanted to write a blog that appealed to all and not just to a particular genre.  This is not easy though and I have found that I tend to write more towards the type of bloggers that typically comment on my blog.  Not that this is an issue as I have made some wonderful friends and have found some amazing blogs.  Not a day goes by without me reading a post out load to Hubby from a fellow blogger which brings a smile to both our faces.

I find myself writing more about getting older, menopause, my kids and all thing mommy orientated nowadays.  And let’s not forget to include who’s the hottest hunk out there type posts.

Occasionally it is nice to come across a blog that looks at things from a different perspective and I have found such a blog.  It is a blog called “The Shitty Dad”  and it is about (in case you hadn’t guessed) the trials and tribulations of being a Dad.  I love his blog and it is great to hear that the male population have their challenges as well when it comes to parenting.

So go along and have a look:


9 thoughts on “A Man’s Perspective

  1. Maybe you have heard of the Book 'Men are From Mars and Women From Venus' (something like that). Men and women look at things or approach a situation quite differently. True or false, or half true, I don't know but I guess it is matter of respect. We should respect each other's views on different things!! (we may agree on one thing but disagree on another but it doesn't matter as long as we respect each other's point of view). And yes, let me see his blog : )

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