My eldest sent this to me this morning and I had a good laugh.  I thought it was good enough to go on my blog….

My hubby always gets my birthday and our anniversary dates mixed up.  At the beginning of May each year he says: “Just remind me – is your birthday on the 21st or 29th?” At the beginning of September each year he says: “Just remind me – is our anniversary on the 21st or 29th?”   

At least he gets the months right!

4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. I can kind of understand his frustration! It's so hard to remember all your passwords/user names. I used to use the same combo everywhere I went. But the rules change..Ex. "there's gotta be 1 symbol, 1 capital, etc"It would be easiest to write down the info, and tape it near the computer. But then everyone could see it. And if I hide it from prying eyes, then I forget where.,, LOLSo most of the time I have to get an email sent reminding me what the password/user name is for that particular site.

  2. This is so cute!! It is the reverse in our family–I'm the one who forgets the anniversary date. I always think it's April 4th but he knows it's April 7th and he tries to trick me about it!

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