While you’re down there!

There is an abundance of advertising surrounding the Olympics on telly at the moment.  I was in the kitchen yesterday evening making dinner when my 15 year old made a comment as Sky News were doing a segment on the upcoming games.

The “City logo” was on the screen at the time.  His comment was “Look – there’s Lisa Simpson giving Bart Simpson a blow job”.
I was speechless!  WTF!  What do you say when your child says this.
I have never really looked at the logo and of course now I had to have a look.  The segment on Sky News was over so I got my iPad out to have a look.  I came across a whole bunch of social media sites and YouTube videos galore all saying the same thing.
And I could not disagree.
Decide for yourselves…  
Olympic Logo

10 thoughts on “While you’re down there!

  1. This is the first time I've seen it. I don't watch Simpsons, but if you look at this logo a certain way, yes, it definitely looks like SOMEBODY going south on someone else!!!! Musta been a man who designed this logo!!!

  2. i also don't watch the Simpsons…the logo? well, it's kinda weird to me? Anyway, they knew better..just my opinion. Have a great weekend!

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