Mike or Knight

I have been wanting to see Magic Mike for a few weeks now and have of course been hinting at this to the rest of my brood.  We haven’t been to the movies for ages and we thought we would go and see a movie this last weekend with our sons. 

Magic Mike

So there I am, drooling at the thought of going to see half naked men prancing around in nearly nothings when I was out voted.  Being the only thorn amongst the roses, I very seldom win when it comes to what movies to watch.

Hubby and sons all voted to see The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider Man on the same day.  I must admit I don’t really mind seeing the Superhero type films and I find them quite entertaining.  (Entertaining in a different way to what I would find Magic Mike of course!) So that was how I spent my Sunday.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight started at 9am.  The movie theatre we usually go to has just been refurbished so it was nice to have all new, leather seats.  Anyway, the film itself was very entertaining and Loooong.  I have been to see all the Batman movies and have loved them all.  This one was no exception.  Christian Bale is amazing as always and Michael Caine was looking great for his age – there was obviously a great make-up artist involved.  The films ends with the possibility of seeing a Batman, Robin and Cat Woman version in the future – I can’t wait!

It was around 12 noon when the film ended so we went for a long lunch as The Amazing Spiderman was only due to start at 2.15.

The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman was better than The Dark Knight Rises. Although I must confess I fell asleep sometime during the middle of the film and hubby had to nudge me.  Must have been the fact that we had spent Saturday at a friends 60’th and I didn’t get to have my usual Saturday afternoon sleep (Doesn’t getting old just suck!).  We are briefly introduced to Spiderman’s parents who abandoned him when he was very young (I don’t think we have ever been introduced to them in previous films).  Years later Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman, finds a briefcase which belonged to his father and he then begins his quest to find out more about what happened to his parents.

In all it was a very long weekend and I am sure I will regret not having my weekend afternoon naps all week.  It was nice to do something over the weekend for a change though.


6 thoughts on “Mike or Knight

  1. Glad everything worked out, and you had an enjoyable afternoon 'despite' the fact that you were outvoted. You probably wouldn't have enjoyed Magic Mike as much anyway with hubby on one side, and sons surrounding you. Now you have something to aspire to for later.

  2. Ohh, How I wish to see both films too! Definitely I will, soon! : )Anyway, it's so nice to know that you have a great bonding time with your family. Happy for you! Keep it up and enjoy!!!

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