Mine’s bigger than yours

This week is quite an exciting one for me.

Today was Son no 1’s birthday – he was 24 today. So I made my famous Mac and Cheese for dinner – this is the favorite meal with all my kids. I felt quiet bad as this is the first year I did not buy him a present. It is very difficult buying something for a IT geek who has everything (And he really would not appreciate a pair of socks!).  So we had dinner and then had some delicious chocolate cake (store bought I’m afraid – I have to work for a living!).

The printer technician also came early this morning and replaced the fault part on my new printer.  So I did some test prints and it is amazing.  Can’t wait to actually have to print a job on it for a client.  The word will get out though and I am sure I will have loads of people wanting printing done.

I am having my hair done tomorrow – I need my high-lites redone and could do with a trim.  I have been trying to grow my hair for about 18 months now.  It has been really difficult as it irritates the hell out of me, but I have managed to grow it this long and I am certainly not cutting it short again.

Then I am having my monthly wax on Thursday – This probably falls in the TMI category so I will leave it at that…..

Then on Friday – Son no 2 arrives from Dubai!  He is bringing his girlfriend with and I am dying to meet her. Pity they are only here for a week.

I am bracing myself for the heightened testosterone levels with having all 4 boys around for a week.  In fact – I have been seriously thinking about popping one of my HRT pills into their morning breakfasts for the next week in anticipation that it will being down the testosterone levels.

Mine's bigger than yours

Son no 4, who recently turned 12, is starting to go though puberty.  He is being so testy with son no 3 at the moment and just pokes and pokes and pokes at him all the time.  We are still having the morning snarl at each other as Son no 4 is still sitting in his new position at the table and Son no 3 still insists on setting his place in the old position.  Everything is a competition and they are all experts at everything.  Most of the time I can ignore it, but some days I want to pull my hair out.

Next week will be worse as I will have all of them wanting to prove something – especially the 2 older ones making a point of telling the 2 younger ones why they have it so much easier and when they were little they had to do this and that else they were beaten or locked in the bathroom etc etc  (they must have found their way into an alternate reality at some point as I don’t remember any of this, but anyway….).

Well it is time for bed and I will let you know how my week goes.


10 thoughts on “Mine’s bigger than yours

  1. I cannot imagine having that many boys in my house at one time! Two is enough for me!!! At least you get to meet the new girlfriend–perhaps everyone will be on their best behavior for the guest?? Wishful thinking?

  2. Lanthie Your sons sound like girls just before their periods. And I don't want to burst your bubble, but they will all probably be vying to impress son #2 girlfriend. GOOD LUCK, sad to say you 'll need it. On a more positive note, enjoy his homecoming and the girlfriend!

  3. I seriously think that four boys and five men in the house is worse that 9 kids- my 3 boys were surrounded by sisters and I seldom had to deal with too much physical,testosterone fueled interactions. thank God.

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