Spring is in the air

Just checking in with you all to let you know I am still around.  It has been a busy week with family and work.

I spent the day today playing with my new printer – in fact it was more like a challenge.  I had 2 jobs to get done.  The one set of artwork was given to me as a psb file – the only way I could bring it into the RIP software was to export it as a tiff file – this ended up being 3GB in size.  The other job was annotated PDF files where the annotation bits would not print on the new printer, but printed fine on a generic lazerjet printer.  So I had a fun day exporting / importing / saving as etc – but I learnt so much about the printer today.

I am doing an event next week so I am rushed off my feet getting signage / accreditation / registration etc all done.  Hopefully things will calm down then for awhile.

Son no 2 leaves on Monday – I will be sad to see him go again.  I must admit my boys have been very mellow for the last week – nothing worth blogging about either which is really boring as I was looking forward to having loads of  things to tell you all about.  The only thing worth blogging about is that his girlfriend is gorgeous and a real delight to have around.  She has a great sense of humour and has coped very well with all of us.  They seem madly in love (oh to be young again!).

Spring is in the air

We have just had the most amazing weather this week – hard to imagine it was snowing 2/3 weeks ago. It was 29degrees C today – beautiful blue sky.  The weaver birds are all out building new nests.  Our Hadeda pair is back in my garden so I am sure we will see them nesting again soon.  My summer wardrobe has come out of the closet and I hope spring is here to stay.  I will take some pictures to show you all soon – especially of the purple jacaranda trees in bloom in a few weeks time.

That’s all for now and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


4 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. Hi Im a new friend from the blog hop. I must say I was confused when you talked about spring clothes when we in the uk are heading to autumn lolIf you have time love it if you can visit me atwww.jollyjillys.blogspot.com

  2. Hi there – thanks for visiting my blog. I live in Sunny South Africa and we are going into spring at the moment. I went over to your blog – I will leave a message in a moment as well. Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Hope you had a great time with your boys there. The last of my group just left this morning. Don't you agree that it is hard to see them go, and yet it is kind of nice to have the house restored to a peaceful state? Certainly a lot less cleaning up!

  4. Found myself sobbing at the airport today – so it is very sad to see them go. And yes – finally I can rest after spending a week doing nothing but cooking and cleaning. Big family meals with roasts etc – my hands are raw from washing pots!

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