Vaj What?

So I was reading a recent copy of the Marie Claire magazine this evening and there is an article about “Vajazzling“.

In case you don’t know what this is – it is the art of bejewelling your privates with Swarovsky crystals.  (Feel free to look it up.)

So of course I was tempted to look at some pics on the web (my curiosity has no bounds!).

Now as you know – I have a fairly open mind.  But this is really one of those things you can only do if you have an amazing body – a body good enough to be able to lay there in the buff in public and let all and sundry appreciate the “art”.  It would look great on a stripper for instance or one of those ladies who lay on sushi bars and the members of the opposite sex eat off them (I am sure there is a name for them).

Not sure why a normal person would want to do this – it is not as if men are actually bothered about what you look like down there – believe you me – once your pants are down they are thinking about loads more than your crystals.

I suppose you could say it is the same as waxing.  But I would disagree – I wax everything down there because it is more comfortable – not because it is going to get me laid any better or easier.  I can’t see how bejewelling yourself will make you any more comfortable. In fact I imagine it is quite irritating and scratchy.

The worst is that it only lasts for about 5 days – so this is really something you do for a special occasion – like your wedding night and you do something like this…..

But hey – if you are not going to leave anything to the imagination – you may as well just have this applied:

And of course there is even a male version called Pejazzling …..  I am sure you all know how to Google it

16 thoughts on “Vaj What?

  1. WOW! That was hysterical. I just can't imagine going through all that trouble for a few shiny moments down there. AND, if i DID go through all that , no way would i let my man get close to me for fear all the friction would rub them off. I would say look but no touch! 🙂

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