Braai Day

Finally things have calmed down for me. Next event is in November and I am now back to the mundane day to day CAD drawings and paperwork to concentrate on.  

My anniversary was great – Hubby gave me a gorgeous Winnie the Pooh themed card – I loved it. Kids think I am nuts because I love the card so much – just goes to show – us women are not all hard to please.  
Braai Day
It is a long weekend and not much going on. Tomorrow (the 24t)  is Heritage Day here in South Africa – also known as “Braai Day” (Barbeque Day). So sticking with tradition, we will be having a braai with the family. Means I will be up bright and early making my famous potato salad and egg mayonnaise. Went shopping early this morning and got some meat so we are all set for tomorrow. Only thing missing is Son no 2 and his girlfriend. 
I have no idea what heritage day actually means or stands for. It seems as though white South Africans have been left without any form of heritage to celebrate. I could expand on this but I make a point of not getting worked up about politics. We live our life as best we can and smile! 
Son no 2 was thinking about moving back to South Africa. It left me in a bit of a turmoil. I was in two minds about whether this was a good thing or a bad thing and to be perfectly honest, I probably felt it was a bad thing. He has a good job in Dubai and will get so much more opportunities there than he will here. The company he works for eventually persuaded him to stay and I must admit I sobbed myself to sleep the other night when he told me he would not be returning home. I still can’t help feeling my life is not complete without all 4 of my sons being nearby.  
We are still struggling with finding work here. Although we are working, we are having to work 3 to 4 times harder for the money. We are having to lower our fees on everything and charge clients what we were charging 10 years ago. At least we are surviving though which is more than a lot of others are doing. There is still no sign of us coming out of the recession and the recent mining strikes don’t help either.  
My Pool
Summer is finally here. The pool is still not warm enough to swim in yet and we are looking forward to having an afternoon swim everyday in  in a few weeks time.  It took us 2 weeks to clean the pool after the storms a few weeks back.  But it is back to looking sparkling again.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well.

10 thoughts on “Braai Day

  1. Your pool looks beautiful! It's officially fall here in the States but it was 97 farenheit in Dallas today. I'm sunburned from our long day on the Harley today. Prayers for your employment to pick up.

  2. It seems people are struggling everywhere. I used to think things were just rough here. There's almost a sense of 'global' recession. Your meat looks delicious. How do you make your potato salad & egg mayonnaise? Or is that an old family secret?:-)Enjoy your Holiday!

  3. Tried to send a comment to you and for some reason it just deleted. I will try again…the pool looks lovely and inviting. So funny that you are just now starting your summer and we are in the start of fall here. I understand what you are going through with missing your son. I am happiest when all 4 of my children are here in town.Unfortunately though, 2 live out of town because of their jobs, which are good. I miss them terribly and don't get to see them as often as I would like!! Anyway, hope you had a good holiday!!

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