There’s a Romantic in all of us

It was my 25th Wedding Anniversary 2 weeks ago.  All I got from Hubby was a bouquet of flowers.  You could say I was expecting something silver or even a few diamonds.  Hubby asked me for weeks what I wanted but in the end, I want for nothing.  So  I was not unimpressed with the flowers.  It was a nice gesture from Hubby (who never buys me flowers).

After 25 years of marriage, it is very difficult to surprise each other.  There is also nothing romantic about being married for 25 years – you have been through all life has to throw at you.

So I get home yesterday after taking the kids out for lunch and there is a gorgeous bouquet on the kitchen ledge.  So I rush to open the card (flowers can only be for me as I am the only thorn among the roses in this family).  And the flowers are from Hubby.


So rather confused, I ask Hubby what he has done why he has sent me flowers.  I think he has sent me flowers 3 or 4 times over the last 25 years so this is definitely not typical.  He then explains that he has arranged for me to receive 25 different bouquets over the next year – 1 for each year of marriage.

I thought this was so romantic!

10 thoughts on “There’s a Romantic in all of us

  1. SCORE for the hubby!!!! What a wonderful idea he had. Now you know that when you least expect- a bouquet will be waiting for you.Lanthie, Congrats on 25 years. These days, that is something truly wonderful to celebrate.

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