I have told you all the story about my new printer (View original post here).

I have got quite a lot of printing to do so on Monday morning I switch it on.  It usually takes awhile to start up (Sounds like a Boeing starting its engines!) and takes about 20 minutes or so.  So I go about my usual business and look at it about an hour later – and it has still not completed its initiation sequence.

So I switch it off at the main switch and try again.  Check back later and same thing.  Switch it off again (Third time lucky perhaps?).  And nope – it does not complete the initiation sequence.

So I call for support and they said they would send out a technician.

2 Hours later they call me back to apologize for not sending out a technician as yet but there is a story and here goes….

Apparently my printer has a dent at the back (so I put the phone down and pull the printer out to check – and yeah – there is a dent!)
The installation company noticed this dent when they did the installation and reported it to HP.
HP have subsequently declared my printer DOA (Dead on Arrival)

What does this mean? It means they are replacing it – the whole thing.

So this all sounds odd to me – there is a dent on the cover – never noticed it before – would probably never have noticed it if they hadn’t mentioned it.  Why would they replace it?  So I play the 20 questions game and to sum it up – HP replace the whole machine.

And the funny thing is – they trash the old one (old meaning 2 months old).  When I say trash – not a single part gets re-used – HP actually send someone out to South Africa to actually watch it being destroyed.

So my new printer was installed yesterday and I am up and running again.  RIP old machine!

9 thoughts on “DOA

  1. Seems like thats a lot of company dollars being wasted to make sure a machine gets destroyed but oh well! Good news is that they replaced the whole thing for you and you're good to go.Happy Printing.

  2. Sounds kinda 'espionagey'. Are the parts radioactive, or vital to 3rd worlds countries on the black market? Guess they have their reasons. Not to jinx you, but check for dents First!

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