What do I wear in bed?

I ran out of perfume the other day. I generally keep about 3 bottles of various scents that I use on different days depending on what mood I am in.

Then I suddenly remembered I have a stash of perfume on a box somewhere.   Hubby usually buys me perfume but he never just buys me 1 bottle – he buys me 3 or 4 bottles which I either use concurrently or put in a box for future use.

Anyway, I opened the box to find amongst others, a big bottle of Chanel No 5.  So I thought I would use this for awhile.

And this of course brought Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote to mind What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No 5 of course, hinting she wore nothing else.

I wasn’t sure about the exact phrasing of her quote so I thought I would find out a bit more about her quote.  This led me to Wikipedia and I came across some very interesting facts about the origin of Chanel no 5 and of course I had blog about it.

I have included some of the information I came across here.  The following found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanel_No._5

“Back in the 1920’s fragrances were put into two basic
categories. “Respectable” women favored the pure essence of a single
garden flower and of course prostitutes, courtesans and sexually provocative women favored perfumes heavy with animal musk or jasmine.

Chanel felt the time was right for the debut of a scent that
would epitomize the boyish, modern flapper that would speak to the liberated
spirit of the 1920’s.
At the age of twelve, Chanel was handed over to the care of
nuns, and for the next six years spent a stark, disciplined existence in a
convent orphanage called Aubazine.  From
her earliest days at Aubazine, the number five had potent associations for
Chanel. Aubazine had been founded by Cistercians, a Catholic order who placed
great emphasis on numerology. The number five was especially esteemed as
signifying the pure embodiment of a thing, its spirit, its mystic meaning. The
paths that led Chanel to the cathedral for daily prayer were laid out in
circular patterns repeating the number five.

Her affinity for the number five co-mingled with the abbey
gardens, and by extension the lush surrounding hillsides abounding with cistus,
a five-petal rose. Cistercians, an ancient monastic order of Catholicism,
derived the name of their order from this flower.

In 1920, when presented with small glass vials of scent
numbered 1–5 and 20–24, for her assessment, she chose the sample composition
contained in the fifth vial. Chanel told her master perfumer, Ernest Beaux,
whom she had commissioned to develop a fragrance with modern innovations:
“I present my dress collections on the fifth of May, the fifth month of
the year and so we will let this sample number five keep the name it has
already, it will bring good luck.”
And so
Chanel no 5 was  born. I didn’t know of the history of the scent and I found it all rather interesting.  One of the few with an actual history – rather than a celebrity just putting their name to something for publicity purposes.

Marilyn wore nothing else to bed except 5 drops of Chanel no 5 it is claimed.  I have a house full of boys so I’m not sure I will ever be able to boast the same.  But wearing it has changed how I put perfume on – I usually have a bath, get dressed and then spritz here and there – now I have a bath, spritz all over with Chanel no 5, and then get dressed – Makes me feel a little more sensual doing it this way around!  

8 thoughts on “What do I wear in bed?

  1. Ohhh i love anything Chanel. I have a bottle of Chanel Chance and i use it for special occasions. I would die to have a genuine Chanel purse or handbag. My favorite perfume that i wear daily is Lolita.The bottle is in shape of an apple. Have a great day Lanthie!

  2. My mother always wore Chanel when I was growing up– I thought it was a very mysterious, sexy fragrance. I haven't even smelled the scent in years–perhaps it is time for my husband to do a little shopping?

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