Harley’s and other things to drool over

It has been a challenging 10 days or so. Firstly due to our ADSL line being disconnected. This saw us struggling with 3G for a few days. The good news is that they have reconnected my ADSL – but it is so slow it is not even worth having. Trying to download a 400MB file takes about 22 hours. We have requested other service providers to test their WIMAX solutions in our area and I now await their feedback. If we are able to pick up their signal here, we will see a huge improvement in our speeds – more than double what we had before. So holding thumbs.  

I did another event on Saturday night. It was a charity function to raise money for under-privileged schools. My role was to see that it all happened – overall event liaison on site. A good friend helped me and besides one problematic supplier with a major attitude problem, the event was very successful and we had a ball – there was an amazing vibe between the suppliers and we all just worked so well as a team (Except for the one supplier of course). It was a plated dinner for 1000 guests so it was quite a big event. The theme of the event was Back to School – dress code was school uniforms. I was amazed to see 1000 guests all arrive in school uniforms – I would never have imagined middle aged people dressing this way. The décor was 60’s themed –“kitch” is probably the right term here. 
We had some Cadillac’s and some Harley’s on display – This made my day as I have a secret passion for Harley’s. I didn’t get to ride one as I was working but I spent hours drooling all over one. The Harley guys said they would take me out for a ride one Sunday. I can’t wait.  
Also had some pinball machines on display – this was a huge hit with the crew as they spent every free minute playing. 
Got home at about 4am on Sunday morning after the event – last guest left at about 2am and then we had to do the get-out during the night. The event actually took place in a Toyota car showroom – they removed all the vehicles and we took the venue over for 3 days. The showroom had to be returned by 12 noon yesterday – same condition as we found it. 
I spent yesterday on the couch relaxing and sleeping on and off all day. My body is definitely not used to working these hours. 
Today was back to my desk. I have loads of work to catch up on as my attention has been on the event. I am also going away next week with my brother to Mozambique – he is building a holiday home there. It will be nice to spend some time with my him – we see each other often but don’t ever get to just sit and talk – we always spend the time talking about work.  
Some exciting news – I have asked Carla Tomson, wife of the surfing legend Shaun Tomson to do a guest post for me. She has very kindly obliged and has sent me the post. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I will get to it in the next few days – so look out for this.
I also have some blog awards to accept and loads of comments to reply to – not being rude fellow bloggers – just swamped!


7 thoughts on “Harley’s and other things to drool over

  1. Tiring but awesome week you are having! Make sure you get on that Harley soon–and post pictures of it for your blog. Glad to hear you are having a successful week after the last one that wasn't so great!

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