Funny Things Kids Know

As you get older things start to, now how do I put this diplomatically, go south or sag. Especially after giving birth to 4 kids.

Your boobs are definitely more familiar with your knees than your shoulders for instance. 
Hubby has recently lost just over 50kg’s and the other day we were comparing certain parts of our bodies that have seen better days. As a result of the weight loss, he has a lot of loose skin now. So we were seeing whose bits wobble the most.  
So I was showing him my arms and what I have always referred to as “turkey wings”. You know the underside of your upper arms that just hang there and wobble as you get older. 
Son no 4 then interrupts us and says “they are called Bingo Wings”.  
What are Bingo Wings I ask – and he reaches over and gently squeezes the underside of my upper arms and shows me. 
So I just had to query how he knows this. I mean do 12 year olds hang out at school and discuss their parents (or grandparents) wobbly bits and what they are called? 
Later that day I Googled the term Bingo Wings – and as sure as hell – they are what I have always referred to as turkey wings.

11 thoughts on “Funny Things Kids Know

  1. The thoughts that kids are talking about my Bingo Wings, ok can think where they come with that after remembering my Momo taking me to Bingo, or my other sagging parts is just weird. BTW, thanks for the addition to the blog roll.

  2. Bingo arms? Bingo arms? Serve the rest of the family ice cream but set a handful of military school brochures at his place :)When I was a kid we use to call a woman in the next campsite Salad Bowl. No idea why.

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