Holidays at last

Well the end of the year is upon us. Kids are finally finished school and I can sleep a little later in the mornings.

Kids got their reports and son no 4 brought home an academic achievement award and a book prize. I am so proud of him. Both sons did really well and they are certainly looking forward to a good long holiday. Not to mention Christmas as well.  We don’t usually go away over the December holidays so we have a quiet few weeks at home doing nothing – feet up on the coffee table / occasional swim in the pool.
I had my staff luncheon on Friday which was superb. We went to a restaurant which was recommended to me. I arranged cocktails and mezze platters on the outside deck, then lunch inside in the restaurant and then deserts and coffee on the deck. The deck was so comfortable and my staff were all having a good time chatting away. The mezze platters were delicious and everyone devoured them – not because we were all starving, but because the food was amazing. Eventually every one agreed that we didn’t want to go inside and have lunch. So I arranged a few more mezze platters and we all sat for hours talking. No one got pissed or abusive – just a bunch of really nice people having a good time. Best party ever! And I had a really proud moment looking at my staff – there was something about looking at them all together for a change and feeling that they are really a great bunch of people and I am really happy to work with them all.

We have been getting corporate gifts from various companies. Hubby and I don’t drink so companies we work with have to think about what gifts to get us. We hardly ever get the obligatory bottle of wine or whiskey. Some of the gifts received so far are:

Cage full of tasty goodies

Model of the FNB Stadium
Hubby and I went shopping on Saturday morning to do some Christmas shopping. We are struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year. The kids are old enough to not want a gazillion presents – just 1 or 2 meaningful gifts. Hubby and I haven’t been down the toy aisles for years now and hubby mentioned that it is about time we had a grandchild – this would certainly bring back some of the Christmas spirit. 

We are not religious at all so the term “Christmas Spirit” is used very loosely. Religion has not played any part in our lives, but we do celebrate Christmas – not that we celebrate any of the beliefs or traditions. We made our own traditions over the years – the Christmas tree comes out on the day that school closes. Presents go under the tree as I buy and wrap them. I don’t put from whom the gifts are from – just who they are for. We wake up early on Christmas Day. Hubby and I have a quiet cup of tea and then wake the kids up. We then open our presents. I make a huge lunch – roast turkey, gammon, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts and pumpkin. Then in the afternoon we play games or watch a movie together. Now that the kids are older – they are not in a hurry to wake up and would rather sleep in. So the urgency surrounding the opening of presents is no longer there.   Hubby and I sleep a little later and the cup of tea lasts a little longer. 
Most companies close down this week so my emails are dramatically less than usual and I finally have time to catch up. I spent the day cleaning out storerooms on Monday and I even rewired our network patch panel on Tuesday We are having a new IP surveillance system installed tomorrow so I wanted to get the cabling sorted before they did the installation. 

I had my nails done this week and even had time to get my hair done with a little work in between. If only all days could be like this!


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