The End is Nigh

If you believe in the various doomsday prophecies, you will know that the end of the world is due to coincide with the end of the Winter Solstice this year – i.e 21 December 2012.

I found a few strategic ads floating around the webosphere relating to the end of the World and I thought this one was very apt!

21 December 2012

I found this on the Buzzfeed site – So pop over and have a look at some similar ads  – That is if you are not too busy playing!

4 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Those are some funny ads!!! well, if the world ends this weekend i just wanted to tell you that it was nice meeting you and i've enjoyed your blog. If we make it- then i'll be talking to you next week!!

  2. LOL, I am good to go regardless. There won't be a lot we can do about it if the world really truly does come to an end. I don't really believe in the doomsday predictions. I think they are a bunch of BS. What will be will be!Kathy

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