Hi-ho Hi-ho It’s back to work we go

Well 2013 is well on its way and once again I find myself inundated with work. Besides all my usual work, I was asked by the Theatre Benevolent Fund (TBF) to take over the secretarial duties of the fund. I am a true sucker and have a soft spot for the entertainment industry so I said yes. The TBF looks after actors and people from the entertainment industry who can no longer support themselves financially. The chairman is also a good friend of mine and we work really well together.

So I had my first board meeting today. Firstly I got there about an hour early – got my times mixed up and thought the meeting was at 9 when in fact it was at 10. So I am sure I came across as very eager! Meeting went on all morning and wish I could say it was exciting but no such luck. Now have some work to do getting it all under control. It is not a big job, I am just hyper efficient when it comes to paperwork so I need things done my way.

Son no 3 returned from school camp on Friday – thank goodness. Going from 4 sons down to 1 at home is a real shock. It is just so quiet – no sibling rivalry, nobody threatening to kill each other. I mean how do you cook for 1 child as well? All seems a bit pointless – I understand he has to eat but really. Anyway, it was nice to have son no 3 back home again to liven the place up.

I had to put my one kitty down on Friday so that was a bit of a downer. Poor Charlie was about 13 years old. He has suddenly lost loads of weight and wasn’t eating and stopped grooming himself. So I had him at the vet on Friday morning and they ran loads of tests and confirmed that he had total renal failure. They could start treatment but it would be a long road for Charlie, if he reacted positively to the treatment in the first place. So although I am not happy about the decision to put him to sleep, I think it is the right one.

I have to spend quite a bit of time doing accounts this week. Been busy with getting the year started and kids back to school so far this year so now have to concentrate on company accounts. It is also financial year end next month so need to start drawing up the financials for the auditors.  The joys of running your own business!

AFCON 2013

Then opening ceremony of the AFCON 2013 went reasonably well yesterday. This is one of our events we are currently working on. It pissed it down with rain all day yesterday so the props were all soaked through, costumes were soaking, field cover was wet and slippery. So all things being equal, it went off OK. Now for the closing ceremony in a months time.

Thank You

My blog was featured on bloggers.com last week as well. I had an overwhelming response from everyone and I want to say Thank You to all my fellow bloggers who congratulated me and sent me all sorts of kind messages. I am truly amazed at the support I received and am truly blessed.

I have also made a few new friends in the bloggersphere this week – so nice to have met you all and really appreciate the comments and friendly banter.  Hope you are going to be regular visitors to my blog and keep up with the banter.  I have been introduced to some interesting places that I may put on my places to go list in the future as well.  Two years ago I thought I had been to all the places I wanted to go but it is now an ever growing list with no end.

Valentines day is approaching fast so hope you are all out shopping for that someone special in your life.  Let me know what you have in mind.

14 thoughts on “Hi-ho Hi-ho It’s back to work we go

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. How sad! It sounds like you have been keeping busy. Congratulations on the well deserved recognition!Kathyhttp://gigglingtruckerswife.blogspot.com

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