I Live in Africa!

 I live in one of the most dangerous cities in the world – not only because we have one of the highest crime rates in the world, but we also have lions roaming around our backyards.

Today we got out of our usual rut and spent the day doing something we haven’t done in awhile. We went to the Lion Park.  The Lion Park is about a 20 minute drive from where I live. I haven’t been in a few years for no other reason that we tend to get ourselves into a daily rut and never experience things in our own backyards.  So I took some pictures to share with you all.

We started off at Cub World.  They have a few Cub enclosure where you can interact with the cubs.  Yeah, this little one looks reasonably docile and asleep but trust me, he isn’t.  I tried to stroke his shoulder and he jumped up and snapped at me.  As you can see, I didn’t try to touch him again and he was quite happy to nod back off.

Me and a lion cub

Lion World Cub
Lion Cub

Lion World Cubs
More Lion Cubs
Ranger playing with the Black Panthers
Hubby feeding a giraffe

Then we went for a drive around the lion camps.  You get to be up real close to the lions and you are warned to keep your windows closed and NOT get out of your vehicle.  We have had many tourists who have been eaten by lions after thinking they can get out of their vehicles and get closer.  Do not be fooled – these are dangerous animals.

One of the White Lions above starred in the film White Lion.  I am not sure which one.

Then we took a drive around the game park. 

And of course the Pièce de résistance – we came across a pair of Ostriches “Doing it” not 5m away from our car. This made the kids day!

The Lion Park is a must see for anyone visiting Johannesburg.  So if any of you find yourselves on my doorstep sometime in the near future, give me a shout and I’ll gladly show you around.


16 thoughts on “I Live in Africa!

  1. First lesson is to never mess with a sleeping lion, ha ha ha ha. It looks so cute though and I liked the white lions too. Wow, it's really weird watching someone playing with a black panther – bravery comes to mind and let's hope they don't forget that they should be tame, ha ha ha. Why is it that when humans are warned not to get out of the car, they still do it? They are like magnets who just have to disobey at a very high price. I just hope the animals are not put down because of them. You took some really great photos, but if I lived that close to a Lion park my house doors and windows would be CLOSED permanently. In fact, I wouldn't even venture out at night. Those big cats don't ramp mate. Great Post 🙂

  2. "We have had many tourists who have been eaten by lions after thinking they can get out of their vehicles and get closer." I'm just sitting here gobsmacked by that. It seems like in most countries a place like that…would be deemed to dangerous to exist. (Which may be why tourists don't heed the rules…"aw they wouldn't let us out here if it were DANGEROUS!") But in Africa…they just let Darwin sort it out. Do you take post requests? I would love to hear about WHY you live in Africa, why you CONTINUE to live in what sounds like a very dangerous and inhospitable place, and about the time you were held at gunpoint. Seriously. You're blowing my mind.

  3. Those three questions ARE my blog request! Why are you in Africa (are you native to S. Africa?) Why do you stay there if it is half as dangerous and scary as you describe? And what is this about being held at gunpoint? That might be TWO blog posts in there! 🙂

  4. What amazing photos!! I have actually been witness to ostriches mating as well, how funny is that?! When I was in San Diego at the zoo, it was mating season. I saw giraffes too. Crazy!!

  5. Beats me why some people seem to think that just because lion cubs have cute eyes and whiskers and are furry, that you can play with them. Well, perhapsit is a matter of evolution, if they weren't warned not to be so silly they would soon die out 🙂 I would not like to live in a very dangerous city, it adds an extra level of difficulty to life. But having this place in driving distance is some consolation!

  6. These are awesome pics!! We have a place here called Lion Country Safari that has pretty much the same wild animals, but we don't get to get near the cubs like you did. I would LOVE that opportunity!

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